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What Are the Two Basic Types of Chillers?

by William Gist

Every modern insulated living room or office requires the presence of a cooling system in order to make the stay in the space pleasant. Imagine then how in a larger space where there are suddenly a large number of people like airports, shopping malls, etc. There must be a serious cooling system.

Its choice can also depend on several factors such as the heat load of the room, insulation, the number of people and the heat source. However, sometimes there is a deviation from these factors if a good plan is made. For example, by calculating the cooling capacity on the total area of ​​the room and properly directing the chillers, a good move can be made.


The air can be distributed in a targeted manner and thus achieve the desired goal. Chillers are cooling systems that have been used to cool various spaces, as well as machines and industrial chemicals. The good thing about this cooling device is that they are very economical and efficient, and thanks to them, production can take place in the desired direction.

Chillers function in a simple way – heat is removed from the liquid matter by going through a process of compression or absorption, and thus the liquid is cooled.

This is suitable for people who care about mobility. They can cover some critical points in space, and are especially handy for people who for some reason are unable to opt for classic systems.

We will focus on two main categories of refrigeration:

Air-cooled condensers


This category of cooler can be compared to a radiator built in to cool engines in cars. How does it actually work? Like any engine, they encourage air to pass within the network of chilled water. The ideal temperature required for the process to run normally is approximately zero degrees, and perhaps lower.

Unlike air-cooled systems, this system requires much less conditions and is therefore suitable for those rooms that have certain limitations. These restrictions apply to the size of the installation, but also where there is no possibility for a larger amount of water.

Since it requires less working conditions, it also requires less money. If you opt for this system, you will pay low installation costs. This system is also quite easy to maintain, which is quite reasonable considering their overall simplicity compared to a water-cooled system.

They will be located mainly in the open space or outside the building. In this case, another type of cooling system has an advantage, because exposure to external influences shortens the life of the refrigerator.

Their downside is that they need a large amount of energy, unlike water chillers. However, they are still the best option when it comes to stationary cooling. If you need it temporarily, the best option is to rent it. You can check the rental conditions on the CTCair website.

Water-cooled condensers


These two types of condensers are the same when it comes to their function. However, two steps are required to complete the process. The first step involves transferring heat from one place to another, that is, from the refrigerant vapor to the condenser water. While during the second step, the water heated from the condenser goes to the cooling tower and ends up going to the outside space.

As for their application, they are used both in large buildings, ie those with smaller installations and in those with larger installations equally. It is important that the installations provide the possibility of a large water supply. Their size varies from very small models to those that reach over 20 tons to thousands – they are located in places such as shopping malls and other large facilities.

These chillers are usually kept indoors, because in that way they are completely protected from external influences. In this way, in addition to protection, it also provides a longer device life. Due to their characteristics, these coolers are the best, but sometimes the only option for large installations. The reason is that the maintenance of such a system is much cheaper compared to those additional cooling towers that require much more money.

In addition to being more economical compared to additional cooling towers, there is a difference in energy consumption compared to air cooled. Economy occurs as a result of using water resources instead of air, ie its heat capacity.

How do they work?


You may have been able to conclude from the previous text that the previous two categories of chillers have identical components. As for the mechanical functioning, there are very similar actions. The compressor as one of the components forces in its inner part through the condenser through the valve, the evaporator and finally the compressor.

In essence, the greatest contrast between these two systems stems from their original meaning. You can probably assume that this is a way to eliminate heat. Air cooled it works on the basis of air, while other types of coolers use water.

Where are they all used?

Plenty of space is intensively used by these systems for dehumidification and cooling. It can be used to create ideal conditions for functioning everywhere, from hotels in Makati to regular homes you see on platforms such as Lamudi, regardless of the external conditions. So people generally have high expectations of these cooling systems, and they meet them.

Today, all modern buildings contain more efficient devices that have good air conditioning and thus maintain the functionality of the building. Also, their use is not limited to this living space. This cooling system becomes the main component of the cooling device in all other facilities such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels, etc.

How to increase efficiency?


The effect of this system can be improved in several ways. One of them goes without saying, and it is about proper maintenance in continuity. Every organization in which good facility management is representative knows this. Things related to proper maintenance. Regular cleaning of the condenser and its parts. In order to avoid unwanted blockages and the air to pass normally, this must be respected. This includes maintaining the coolant and maintaining the water in the condenser.


Our advice is that if you haven’t done so yet, consider investing in such an economical and useful thing and make your life easier.  Whether you have a living space, a business building, you work with industrial chemicals – a cooling system is a necessary component of any space. Regardless of the outside temperature (which can contribute to a rise in temperature), do not allow unnecessary heating to occur without owning these systems.