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Here’s How to Prepare for Adulthood

by William Gist

Life is fairly fast-paced. One moment you’re rolling in the mud, the next you’re all set to graduate from school. It all seems too quick yet bittersweet. Senior year is a crucial year with the immense pressure of doing well, keeping up those grades while also doing the traditional, fun stuff as a farewell to school. It all can get very difficult and needless to say, overwhelming. We have unrealistic expectations set in our minds off chick flicks that it’ll be all rainbows and butterflies but guess what? It ain’t!

If you wish to have a kickass senior year without compromising on your grades and CGPA, while also prepping for the worrisome, uncertain adult life read along for amazing tips:

Try to be more independent


School or rather life at home, with parents is literally a bed of roses. You get things in a silver platter no matter what time, day it is. Things get done for you without you even lifting a finger but hey, it all is about to change! If you’re going to college or just living on your own, everything has to undoubtedly done by you.

From cleaning to washing to cooking to even getting your car fixed, it’ll all be you. As exciting as it might seem at the moment, it would be difficult at first which is why you must work more towards not relying on your family or peers for anything whatsoever.

Take baby steps. Begin by looking after your meals meaning, try to make yourself breakfast, lunch and dinner all by yourself. Its actually a great way to bond with your family as well. Designate a day where you get to take care of food for everyone. This way, you’ll learn to be more responsible with the added advantage of improving your cooking skills.

Plan ahead


This might seem a little daunting but hear me out. You’re standing at a place where the world is open to you which is why you have to really lay out your options and make a choice. If you wish to study ahead, make sure you have an idea which kind of degree you would want to get. If not, then you must start looking for jobs that will help you sustain your lifestyle and doesn’t leave you clinging on to your parents for further financial support.

Further, if your plans are skewed towards going to college, there’s a lot more to look forward to. With that said, make sure the classes you’re taking in senior year are aligned with the major you wish to pick. It’s alright to be clueless about it which is why you must have an informative discussion with your career counselor and even your parents or older siblings.

Explore your options


Most students are expected to know, straight ahead as to what they want to do with their lives out of school. Well, don’t pressurize yourself into thinking that, at all! You’re young and possibly confused about what lies ahead.

Moreover, if you wish to go to college, make sure you do your research from the official websites of the potential colleges you wish to be at, Google, your family and alumni of your school. This is the time to explore your options by asking around and not aimlessly following what most people in school or rather your best friends wish to do.

Choosing the right place to study is very important. It’ll be your home for the next four or so years. Few tips to choose from are as follows:

  • Ponder over the area/state you see yourself in

There are numerous colleges around the country if you wish to stay within. With that said, you must start with asking yourself as to where you see yourself not only for the next four years but also in the long run. It can include a plethora of reasons ranging from the proximity from home, the cost of living and tuition and most importantly, the quality of education and other recreational activities.

  • The major you would be interested in

Most students get stuck with the major they wish to pursue. Try to sit down with your friends and family and ask them what they think you would be best at. Not only that, you must also, give it thought by listing down your strengths and weaknesses in certain subjects to determine what you would be best suited for. If it still is not helping, you might as well, go to college as an undecided major and explore your passions there!

  • The budget

College is expensive. It encompasses not only the tuition fee but also the living expenses, the day to day expenses which can amount to a significant sum. With that said, try to have a rough budget in your head and discuss it with your parents if they wish to support. Further, if you’re on your own, you can always look for scholarships that might not cover other expenses but they completely cover the tuition fees.

Manage your money and save as much as you can


Another step towards adulthood is also saving or rather managing your money better. It is imperative that you start a side gig during your Senior Year. This might seem impossible given there’s so much at hand but trust me, it’s important. Not only does it provide you with the opportunity to be financially independent but also is a great way to save for the future.

Now, you might ask as to how to find the time to do it, well, try to make time. Work on the weekends or after school. With that said, it might lead to you not having enough time to complete your assignments or write the endless, annoying college admission essays which is where myadmissionsessay.com swoops in. It is a great resource that helps with your assignments. Not only is it reasonably priced but also, guarantees great content with a hundred percent anonymity.