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How To Become A Faster Clicker When Playing Video Games? – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Video games are the main source of entertainment, and the great thing is that this industry is constantly developing. While it all started during the 80s, the breakthrough was seen after the year 2000 and the introduction of modern PC components and consoles.

The most popular options are desktop games and consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. While consoles are quite popular today, some games will provide you with a much better experience if you play them on PC, especially when it comes to strategy, RPG, and shooting games.

Another interesting fact is that eSports are now popular among younger generations in the same way as some traditional sports. Also, you can even bet on these events. According to the gaming marketplace igitems.fr, the most popular eSports are Dota 2, Counter-Strike, Fortnite, League of Legends, Valorant, Hearthstone, and more. Professionals can win millions of dollars on the main tournaments.

Moreover, if you are interested in becoming a professional gamer, you have to know that it requires advanced skills and a lot of experience. The most important skills are focus, cognitive memory, and speed while gaming. All of these skills can be practiced and improved over time.

For example, speed while playing can be very important, especially when it comes to shooting games. You can visit this website to check out the CPS rate. Moreover, we are going to introduce you to some of the best ways to improve the speed of your clicks while playing video games.

More Practice

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One of the best methods that will help you to click faster and have improved actions while playing games is to simply play them more often. As we already mentioned, you will gain improve cognitive memory with more experience, which will affect your skills where you will become able to instantly point and shoot at enemies and make much faster decisions.

The main feature of shooting games is that they can be quite intense, and there is always a chance that the enemy will show up in front of you unpredicted. In these situations, milliseconds could determine the winner. Therefore, accuracy and speed are the most important features.

Avoid Using Joystick and Trackpad

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If you are playing some more passive games like strategies or card games like Hearthstone, Magic The Gathering, and others, using a trackpad won’t make any difference in terms of your skills. However, when you are playing games that are more intense and that require quicker moves, the best option is to use a mouse.

The same is for joysticks. This option is the most popular for sports games. Also, playing racing games can be more satisfying on this device. Still, a mouse and a keyboard will provide you with improved controls and better skills.

Proper Combination with Keyboard

When it comes to modern video games, there are many advanced options that you can choose while playing. Also, the characters in many titles will have various additional abilities. You can choose them on the go, switch weapons, move faster, get over the obstacles, and you will become better at these parts of games if you use shortcuts on the keyboard.

The shooting games already have a fixed aim cursor, but if you are playing strategy and RPG games, such as Dota 2 or World of Warcraft, setting these shortcuts will significantly improve your skills. For example, casting spells by using a keyboard in Dota 2 will allow you to make faster moves with your mouse.

Proper Position of the Hand

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While many modern laptops can provide the same gaming experience as desktop PCs, some games will require you to sit at the table to be better while playing. That is especially the case with MMORPG and FPS titles. Getting comfortable is very important, but you cannot have the same skills if you lay on the sofa. In that matter, the best option is to sit at the desk and set the proper position of the hands, monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

The most important is to always keep the fingers near the mouse. Besides that, there is no need to apply too much pressure on the mouse since it might affect the positioning. Moreover, the proper mouse pad can be very important as well, and you should choose one that will provide you with greater stability.

Buy a Gaming Mouse

The main feature of gaming mouses is that they have higher CPS rate abilities and improved control. They are more sensitive and accurate. Some of the best options are Logitech Lightsync, Razer Deathadder, Naga Pro, Viper Ultimate, Corsair Ironclaw, and more.

Before you buy any model, be sure to compare the most important attributes, such as DPI rate, sensor, customization options, tracking speed, poll rate, size, and more. Also, wireless models are much more convenient since cable could interrupt your game.

Practice With Special Games

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As we already mentioned, the best way to get better at gaming and improve the clicking speed is to practice more. The great option is that there are some special mini-games that you can play to improve this skill. You will notice how big is the difference when you make a pause with your favorite titles, and spend some time while practicing on these games.

The best options are Mouse Accuracy, Tanks Squad, Dogs vs. Homework, CST, Spaceplan, Boombox, Room Clicker, and more. Therefore, you can spend at least half an hour every day to try to improve your speed on some of these titles.

Last Words

While gaming represents a great way to spend your free time, we all know how annoying it can be when you are constantly losing while your skills are not getting better. Therefore, you should spend more time practicing. In most games, some tutorials and beginner’s modes will help you to get better.

Also, if you are a beginner, you should avoid playing with experienced people from the start. The best option is to play with your friends or people with similar skills. You will notice the improvements over time, and then you can switch to a server with more experienced people.