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A Model Sells Her Bikini Pictures to Fans Online and Earns $ 12,000 a Month!

by Tracy Finke

Apollonia Llewellyn revealed she earned around $ 12,000 in a single month by selling her bikini pictures to her followers online. The 20-year-old model from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, said she signed up to an online subscription service where she sells exclusive material to her subscribers.

The glamour model and influencer was having trouble growing up. She was bullied at school for being “fat and ugly”.

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The price for her snaps in provocative bikinis or other swimwear goes from $ 6 to $ 255 (between £5 and £200). Llewellyn also earns money by selling previously worn shoes, bikinis, and leggings. That is not all. Fans love to tip her up to $ 500 for exchanging messages.

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What is interesting is that Apollonia is in a steady relationship, and her boyfriend, Billy Mole, 20, supports her.

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“My experience on it has been life-changing since I went on there. I’ve always had a good income, but this has completely changed it. I’ve sold loads of things on there, people have bought bikinis, latex leggings, worn shoes”, she said on one occasion.

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Most of the money she earns, she spends on her family. “I get to do way more things and buy nice things for my family. My boyfriend and I are also saving for a house, and I’ve saved £8,000 so far”, young Apollonia Llewellyn said.

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