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Lucky to Be Alive: Anna Faris Almost Died from Poisoning on Thanksgiving

by Tracy Finke

Actress Anna Faris and her family were poisoned with carbon monoxide for Thanksgiving. The 43-year-old actress revealed this on Twitter and thanked the firefighters, who saved her and her family’s lives.

The famous “Scary Movie” actress Anna Faris was staying in a rented house on Lake Tahoe with her family for the holiday. All of the 13 members became ill in a different way.

At first, they thought the climate was affecting their health, and then two members of Anna’s family went to a doctor, where they learned that they had been poisoned by carbon monoxide. They then went to a house on the lake to check on other members of their family.

They found that the house, which had no carbon monoxide alarms, had nearly six times the maximum recommended carbon monoxide level indoors.

Four members of the Faris family ended up in the hospital, while the other nine received medical treatment at home. It is unknown if the actress is hospitalized.

Image source: usmagazine.com

“I’m not quite sure how to express gratitude to the north Lake Tahoe fire department – we were saved from carbon monoxide – it’s a stupidly dramatic story, but I’m feeling very fortunate”, the actress wrote on Twitter.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headache, dizziness, disorientation, nausea, loss of coordination, and difficulty breathing.