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Jason Derulo’s “Anaconda in My Pants” Photo Deleted from Instagram: “I Can’t Help My Size”

by Tracy Finke

Instagram decided to remove Jason Derulo’s picture in a tight bathing suit with the noticeable bulge, which he described as an “anaconda in his pants” from the platform because it goes “against Instagram community guidelines”.

The singer shared a picture of the notice that he got from Instagram, which states that his post was removed for nudity or se*ual activity. Derulo expressed his anger for this action in the caption: “Fuk u mean? I have underwear on… I can’t help my size.” Along with the picture of the Instagram notice, Derulo again posted the controversial picture.

Once again, Derulo caused complete insanity in the comments when he started the hashtag #bringbackAnaconda. The fans asked where “can they sign the petition” and made jokes about overcoming the fear of snakes.

“Who would ever imagine that Jason Derulo’s Anaconda would be the one thing that can unite the internet with humor (and desire)! #bringBackAnaconda is just what we need to escape from the negativity and hate in the world!”, one fan wrote.

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Jason Derulo also posted an Instagram story in which he shared his disbelief in what happened on this social media. “Hey, listen, all these girls showing their ass and all kinds of crazy shit and I have underwear on in Bali and they took my pic down. It’s discrimination. Like, I understand, I can’t help my size, but you can’t take down my pic”, Derulo said in a story.