No More Baby Fat! Amber Rose Shows Her Slim Waist After Liposuction?

by Tracy Finke

Famous model and actress Amber Rose shared on Instagram a picture of her slim figure and shared excitement about starting with waist exercises. Rose underwent liposuction just a month after she gave birth to her second child. She stated that she couldn’t stand her body after childbirth.

Amber Rose delighted her fans with her mirror selfie in a tight corset showing her hourglass figure. The 36-year-old star gave birth in mid-October to a boy named Slash Electric Alexander Edwards. After childbirth, Rose was left with some extra pounds and fat on her stomach, which she decided to remove with surgeons’ help.

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The fans wished Amber a fast recovery, but they also questioned how old is the picture she shared, because, according to social media users, it is impossible that she could look like that just four days after the fat reduction surgery.

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