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Amazing Photos of Hadid Sisters in V Calendar

by Elsa Stringer

Who doesn’t like the look of a brand-new calendar at the start of each year_ There is nothing better than getting one for free from either your workplace or someone else’s. If it also has a nice design to it, you can easily put it above your desk and enjoy it each and every day.


The calendar that we are talking about is something that you probably aren’t going to put in your workplace since this is not adequate for displaying in front of your colleagues. This one is more for private collection.

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We are talking about V calendar that has all kinds of hot women, some of the best looking females in the world. They have posed for your enjoyment and for your brand-new calendar. Grant it, this one is not going to be free like the ones you get from your family and friends, but it might be well worth it to spend a few bucks and get this C calendar.


Gigi Hadid and her sister Bella have been popular over the past couple of years and they are showing no signs of slowing down. Hadid sisters are the starts of the calendar, there is no doubt about that. Both of them are featuring here and are slowing a lot of skin and not a lot of clothes.

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First, there is Gigi who was given a task to show as much skin as possible and not to wear a lot of clothes, yet to not reveal too much. We also have Bella who is showing her attributes as well, especially that booty that is looking quite nice.


To make everything even more interesting, Hailey Baldwin Bieber is also making an appearance. Wife of a popular singer Justin Bieber is there to spice everything up.


We aren’t going to reveal all the pictures, you are going to have to get a calendar for yourself and find out what’s in there.