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After Three Months, Trump Still Doesn’t Understand Coronavirus

by Sinisav

CNN – 04/29/2020: Donald Trump still can’t get his head around the problem that coronavirus is. We are three months away from the start of the pandemic, and this counts as 1 million infected people, and more than 60 thousand deaths. And yet our supreme leader doesn’t fully understand how grave the situation is.

President Trump labels himself as someone who knows more about ISIS than his generals seasoned in warfare, and that his medical knowledge surprises even doctors. But, he just fails to prove this in practice. If you look back at Trump’s four years at the Oval Office, it’s hard to find a worse President than him even if we look back as far as 50 years.

Donald Trump

Source: newstatesman.com

After downplaying COVID-19 for weeks and ignoring experts’ advice, Trump now has the audacity to say this: “Many very good experts, very good people too, said this would never affect the United States. The experts got it wrong. A lot of people got it wrong, and a lot of people didn’t know it would be this serious.”

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This is something Trump has been doing since he entered the White House. It’s always someone’s else fault. POTUS is not prepared to accept the consequences. As early as February 27th, Mr. Trump knew that things would be bad as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention senior official Nancy Messonnier warned that this could happen.

While the consequences of the crisis, both social and economic, are yet to be felt, Trump acts as everything is excellent and that when he reopens the states, everything is going to be good. His coronavirus briefings turned to campaign rallies for his reelection bid and waging war against the press, which only shows that he has no idea, or simply doesn’t care about the coronavirus crisis.

What’s worse, is that people he’s surrounded with, act in a similar fashion. During an official visit to Mayo clinic, vice-president Mike Pence refused to wear face-mask. President Trump also refuses to wear it. So much about setting an example for others.

Source: cnn.com