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A Love Triangle Between Reeves, Ash, and Grant

by Elsa Stringer

Looks like Keanu Reeves is not single anymore. Famous recently introduced the public with his new girlfriend, Alexandra Grant. She is an artist. We can say that the whole internet is happy to see a much-loved actor finding new love. Moreover, there is some additional good news.

Even if this newly formed relationship doesn’t succeed, there is a protentional love interest that can fit right into the newly opened space. His fellow actor Lauren Ash recently expressed her interest in connecting with Keanu Reeves in a romantic way. She stated that she is more than interested in connecting with the popular actor.

What Did She Say About Keanu Reeves?


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In an interview she gave at Golden Globes Ambassador Party this month, she expressed her interest. When she was asked what she wishes for a new year, she said that she would like Keanu to recognize that they are made for each other. She said that she is aware of his newly published relationship but she still feels like the next year will be hers. After that, she joked that they can remain friends and even maybe take a vacation together in Tahoe. It’s nice to see that she has a mature way of accepting his new relationship.

If Not Keanu, Who?

Let’s be honest, with his new relationship, it’s highly unlikely that Reeves will have a fast change of heart when it comes to love interests. According to some sources, Ash even stated that she would settle for Chris Evans as her new love interest if things with Keanu don’t go the right way. She even shared a picture of Chris Evans on Twitter and wrote, and we quote, “Set us up!”. With the star of blockbusters like “The Captain America” available, her chances are higher than with the star of the “Matrix”.

Evans recently his relationship with Jenny Slate, a comedian, this year. Since 2016, they broke up and got back together several times. Evans even gave an interview to USA Today where he stated that his lifestyle doesn’t gel too well with relationships. He said that he loves being with someone that has the interest of his own and that someone adopting his habits can be suffocating for him. It looks like a really autonomous person, right?

Is Ash Lauren Single?

With so many rumors about her potential relationships, you would think that she is single. In August this year, she appeared on “The Rachael Ray Show” and she shared a really funny story about her current boyfriend. The funny thing is that the guy was sitting in the backstage the whole time.

She talked about the time when LAFD took her boyfriend from her home and when he was boarding an airplane for the first time in his life. The story goes like this, he was at her home and he set off the fire alarm by accident. The alarm triggered the Los Angeles Fire Department. The climax is that 10 firemen showed up at their door. It’s pretty funny. It is not known if they are together today.