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7 reasons Why Dental Hygiene Is So Important

by William Gist

Everyone wants to have the perfect smile and we envy the celebrities that show their white teeth every time they smile. Many people think that we need to spend thousands of dollars to achieve that, but the truth is, the dental hygiene is what makes the difference between you putting your hand over your mouth when you laugh and smiling from ear to ear all the time.

Oral hygiene can affect your overall health and when you brush your teeth regularly, you protect your whole body. Here we are going to talk about why these things are so important and what you can do to help your teeth, gums, and how that will affect your overall looks and health.

Oral hygiene is not just brushing teeth


When we talk about good dental hygiene, we think that that means brushing our teeth regularly. But, there are so many other things that fall under this category. If you are a smoker, you should know that smoking can lead to a lot of different conditions, including bad teeth and cavities. The nicotine will discolor your teeth and they will turn yellow in time. The same thing will happen if you consume coffee too often, as well as alcohol.

You should try to stay away from foods that contain a lot of sugar and you should rinse your mouth after every meal. You can also chew gum, but you should not brush your teeth more than two to three times per day. If you do sports, you should use a mouth guard that will protect your teeth from possible damage.

Overall Look


Research shows that people notice your teeth before they notice anything else on your body. So, if you want to make a good first impression, then you should try to do everything you can do make your smile look good. If you don’t want to invest in braces or veneers, it is enough that you brush your teeth and take good dental hygiene.

It is said that people are less likely to notice if you are missing an eyebrow, than if you are missing a tooth. Even though sometimes dental issues cannot be prevented, you should act as soon as you feel pain in your gums and teeth. Visit the dentist at least twice per year, even if everything seems fine.

Bad Breath


No matter how good you look, how pretty your clothes are, and how good of a makeup you have on, if your breath smells bad, people will perceive you as someone who has bad hygiene.

Most often than not, we don’t pay attention to our breath and think that everything is fine. However, if you have bad dental hygiene, you may develop cavities and gum diseases that will lead to bad breath. To make sure you smell good, brush your teeth regularly, floss, and rinse your mouth after every meal. Make sure to chew gum before you meet with your friends and stay away from habits that will impact your breath.

General Health

We know that the health of your organism depends on your genetics, but you can change things for the better if you take good care of yourself. When you brush your teeth, you will remove all the plaque build-up and you will massage the gums. By massaging the gums, you will help restore the blood flow and with that, possibly prevent gum and tooth disease. Wodendentalcentre.com.au suggests that dental wellness is a big part of general wellness and health. So, by having good oral hygiene, you can impact your whole health.

Disease Detection

Did you know there are many things that can be detected at the dentist? Studies say that people whose breath smells like something sweet or methane, are more likely to have diabetes. Some of the oral diseases that can be detected at the dentist include tooth grinding, periodontitis, and gingivitis. Oral cancer is a serious disease that can be detected and possibly prevented if you go for regular checkups, so if you don’t visit your dentist once every 6 months, you should start doing that.

Other diseases that can be detected just by looking at your teeth and gums include acid reflux, diabetes, some heart issues, and osteoporosis. Studies suggest that even some mental health issues, as well as dementia, can be noticed by the dentist. However, if you suspect any of these serious indications, you should consult with your primary physician and follow their recommendations.

Preventing Diseases


People who don’t take good care of their mouths are more prone to infections. If you let your bad tooth stay in your mouth without fixing it, it may lead to serious health issues. Experts suggest that by not acting fast, you will risk your overall health and wellbeing. Complications and diseases that may occur because of poor dental hygiene include respiratory issues, strokes, arthritis, and even some digestive diseases.

All of these things can be prevented if you brush your teeth regularly and if you floss every day. Remember that you need to drink a lot of water and follow the right diet if you want to live a long and healthy life.

Bad Habits


We all have a bad habit we want to get rid of. No matter if you bite your nails, grind your teeth, eat too many sweets or if you are a smoker, all of these things affect both your teeth and your general health. We read about why these things are bad, but it is really different when professional talks to you about the things that can occur and why you should get rid of your bad habits. Your dentist can even help you stop smoking or can help you learn how to stop grinding your teeth.

You should do all of these things for yourself. It is not important what other people think, and as long as your teeth and gums are healthy, you should not stress about the color or if they are crooked or not. When it comes to aesthetics, it all depends on you, but when it comes to health, you need to follow these tips and follow your doctor’s recommendations. Invest just 20 minutes per day in oral hygiene and you will notice the difference in less than a month.