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7 Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

by Sinke Car

Are you looking forward to market your business on Instagram? Are you short of ideas on how to go about it? Thankfully, in this article, we will share with you seven proven Instagram marketing tips that will not only expose your business but also increase Instagram followers.

It’s no brainier that Instagram has become an integral marketing tool. And if your business is not on Instagram, then you are losing out. It’s time to open a business account. If you are stuck on how to market your business, read this article to the end.

Let’s get started!

1. Understand your target audience

If you are looking for an effective marketing strategy, then you ought to understand your audience. Whom will you be selling to when you don’t have a clue of whom you are selling to? Take time to master your current audience and see how they can help you create your brand.


You can use Instagram Insights tool to help you understand how your audience behaves. The tool gives you data on impressions, video views, website click, reach, and follower activity. With this essential data, you are in a better position to know what intrigues them and what time they are active.

Also, these tools give information on age and gender demographics, plus where most traffic is coming from. In this regard https://instapple.com  is helping people and small businesses get more exposure on Instagram. If you want to attract new Instagram followers, you can opt for listening tools. They’ll tell you what people are saying about your brand, which keywords related to your business and which hashtags your competitors are using.

2. Be authentic


Gone are the days where brands would post polished videos to market their products. Currently, celebrities, companies, and influencers are using raw videos to sell their products to eager customers. Why? Because raw video or unedited photos portray the human side of the brand.

Think of it; the digital world is full of polished content, why not come up with a video marketing strategy that takes your customers to “how it’s made” section? Or a behind the scenes video. The Instagram aesthetic is definitely shifting; Instasize talks about some of the new ways it’s changing here.

3. Tell compelling stories

If you want to convince people, especially millennials and Gen Zers, then telling stories is paramount. This group is not only interested in your product, but also the production journey. You can do this by using Instagram Stories feature.

It is a slideshow that features short videos that are live for 24 hours. With this feature, you can record behind the scene moments, and you can add filters that millennials resonate with, and use hashtags to make them more discoverable. It is an excellent place to show how your product is made and how it’s used.

4. Talk with your audience, not to them

Although Instagram is a perfect platform to market your business, it does not warrant spamming of followers with sales pitches. You should instead engage with them. Why? Because Instagram algorithms favor content with higher engagement.

And this means your content will be discoverable, attracting more Instagram followers. For example, you can share their photos as a way to show appreciation.  Encourage them to use branded hashtags when posting photos. This is a fun but sure way to market your business. Another trick is to hold contests and giveaways.

5. Use hashtags wisely and sparingly

Hashtags enable people to find businesses easily. As such, they can help expose your business to a broad audience looking for what you offer. You should use popular and specific hashtags together. They have even become a staple for online marketing if you want your products to be found.

However, do not misuse them and avoid overused hashtags since they are less likely to attract new Instagram followers. You can even use branded hashtags that specifically market your business; however, you should use them sparingly.

Another thing, use at least five to ten.

6. Influencers are key

Influencers have a large following and affect trends on social media platforms. As such, getting an influencer specifically in your niche can go a long way to put your business on the map. Whether you are promoting a business or looking to grow your Instagram followers’ pool, they can do the trick

That said, not all influencers are genuine. You should look for influencers who are vocal, visible, have a suitable audience for your product, and have a proven track record. To get their services, you can either:

7. Pay them


Most celebrities, models, athletes, and other influential persons will require you to pay a dime for them to promote your business. While it might seem costly, it is worth the money. Just don’t cooperate with fake influencers.

  • Offer a freebie

Other influencers will not shy away from promoting your products when you give them samples of your product. For example, if you manufacture and sell beauty products, you can send it to a well-known- celebrity. And in return they make a video of them using the product and viola, new customers will trickle in.

  • Post at the right time

Remember the listening tools? They give you critical data on when you should post your images and videos. While most research mention that the best time to post is between 7 and 9 pm, it is not always to settle for a single conclusion. Why? At times you could be targeting clients from different time zones.

Besides, not all customers are active at this time. Here is where listening tools such as Sproutsocial come into play. They tell you when your audience is most active. However, if you cannot afford these services, you can post around lunch hour and evenings or weekends if you are a B2C business.



These are some of the proven ways to market your business on Instagram and also get new Instagram followers. You can also create beautiful visuals, include call-to-action, provide value, and track your progress, among others.

So, which tip will you employ to market your business?

Alternatively, if you have a comment or question, you can let us know in the comment section below.