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6 Bedroom Hacks to Maximize Storage Options Inside A Bedroom

by Elsa Stringer

Are you cramped for space inside your apartment? Do you look around to stash things here and there inside your bedroom? Ever wondered what all you can hang across your bedroom walls and invest in multiple storage solutions to give your bedroom the appearance of an impoverished market? Relax! We have all been there at some point in time.

No matter how hard we try to make the best of cramped spaces, we can’t afford to get more creative with the effective utilization of space. You see, we are really big advocates of actually doing more with less. Furthermore, we always look to constantly encourage people to de-clutter on things that pack around them. By all means, that’s quite a wise choice to make unless you really need to hold on to all the stuff you buy.

If your bedroom is a tiny one and you are done with making as much as adjustments as possible, there’s probably still a little room for a makeover to not just fit more things to it, but achieve the comfy feeling for all things put together.

The key to achieving such a structure is to maximize storage options by effectively placing the right kind of furnishings at the right place. Aside from placing your belongings to a storage facility like Henfield Storage, here are 4 such easy hacks to expand your bedroom storage right away!

1. Invest in shallow wardrobes

Shallow wardrobes are the newest trend for any small-sized apartment, where the carpet area is a bit on the lower side. Albeit, it’s a bit on the pricey side but it’s a worthy investment compared to investing in a traditional wardrobe that comes cheap but actually takes up more space on the bedroom floor.

If you want to make the most of your space and still looking to save some amount of money, pay your local carpenter a commission and have it designed for you. For more information on choosing the right kind of apartment, click here and check out what and how exactly you should seek out your new living space.

2. Maximize bed storage options

Bed storage is seemingly one of the largest storage options that one can possibly think of. Use the space under your bed if you don’t have anything else to stash your things. This is clever, because investing in additional storage option for your bedroom will take up space and one might have to undergo significant changes which would incur more money. If your current bed is a low one, you might as well consider buying a taller bed which will give you more space underneath.

3. Keep your dresser organized

Take time to organize all clothing inside your dresser to get more storage space. Folding drawers are a great option to keep away any out of the season clothing or unused stuff and it doesn’t bulk up as compared to traditional drawers. Take a good look at your drawer space right now. Are you making the most of your drawer space? If not, then it’s probably time to upgrade to a new one. A quick way to revamp spaces inside would be too install a few rods or install dividers for folding drawers and over the door hangars and storage tools.

4. Make use of all the unused space inside your closet

Let’s start one again by taking a very good look at your closet? Have you really used away every bit of storage space that’s there? In case you are renting an apartment, you shouldn’t be shying away from drilling holes to accommodate a number of shelves. Well, for renters one can use clothing rods which is a great method to snug in a bit more of your stuff along with door hangers and a set of tools that encourages power storage.
Make the most of your furniture

Invest in double-duty furniture for good. In other words, you might as well buy a storage cabinet instead of a table, but if you invest in a pair of floating drawers, or shelves, in particular, it would serve multiple purposes. The key is to find extra storage space wherever you can to ramp up more stuff.

5. Rethink what belongs in the bedroom

With cramped up spaces, it’s probably good thinking to look at things that lay around in your bedroom but don’t really belong there. For instance, take a very good look inside your closet. Those seasonal clothes that you might not require, let’s say, another good nine months or so.

Don’t you think you can put them someplace else, like in a suitcase until you really need them? Look around, make space under the sofa or put them inside any new units of storage that you might have purchased for other needs. In other words, never hold back your storage maximizing utility when you have a chance to actually do the reverse. Pick up things that you don’t need and put them aside for good.

6. Get innovative


Cramped up bedrooms aren’t made from the start. It’s us buying in and stuffing things that we don’t need in the first place to give it a cramped up feeling all the way. No matter how much your bedroom looks cramped, there’s still a great deal of potential to make it a better looking and better-serving place.

A little bit of innovation goes a long way. Say for instance, if you are looking to hang out clothes, and run out of options, use the back of the door. The back of the door can fit in small hangars that can be fitted with the help of a couple of small screws and still manage to carry quite a bit of weight coming from trench coats, t-shirts, jeans and much more. So, why do you need to cramp up when there’s more space, you just need to look a bit harder?