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Why Are Welsh Slate House Signs With Dragons Popular?

by William Gist

The popularity of Welsh slate house dragon signs have risen the past decade or so. In the UK, slate house signs have always been a tradition in most suburban neighborhood households, but what is it with the dragon sign that makes these signs so popular?

Its popularity can be arbitrated to a couple of factors, which we will discuss in this article. We will also talk about some of the aesthetical benefits that come with these signs.

One of the popularity factors is down to the fact that slate signs bled well with the natural environment. Furthermore, the materials used to create these signs are of excellent quality, durability, and longevity. Slate, unlike plastic, wood, or metal, will not jeopardize the engravings on the sign or the sign itself in any way shape or form.


The laser technique used in engraving the sign is of the highest quality, making sure that no mistakes are made in the making process. The laser technique is also responsible for the stylish and unique quality of these signs; the sign looks very appealing to the naked eye.

But perhaps the biggest factor as to why these signs are so popular is because of the material. The Welsh slate is instantly recognized by any person in the industry as a material of the highest quality. Welsh slate was first discovered and mined by the Roman Empire in Wales and was exported to its neighboring countries in the UK. Welsh slate is mostly used in the creation of wine racks, tableware, and of course, house signs.

So with all that said what are the benefits of Welsh slate dragon house signs?

The dragon engraved on these slates is a symbol of Wales. The dragon can be found on the national flag and it has been popular ever since 1911. So naturally, Welsh people engrave their house signs with it.


Apart from looking aesthetically pleasing, slateandmarble.co.uk says that the dragon engraved on Welsh slate complements the exterior of a home. Welsh slate dragon signs are placed on the exterior wall of a house, apartment building, or any other home, and are accompanied usually by the Address Street and number.

Welsh slate house signs are excellent since they require little to no maintenance. The engraved dragon sign or any other writing will not feel the effects of increased or decreased temperatures. Welsh slate has also been found to be chemical-resistant and non-combustible, making it the best choice for a house sign. Welsh slate house signs are also stainless, do not smell when soaked, and extremely durable to the point of invulnerable.

So Welsh slate dragon house signs will not only offer you a cost-effective solution for labeling your home but an extremely durable one that also looks aesthetically pleasing. If the sign does take any damage and breaks, cracks, or completely falls apart, it can easily be recycled back into its former self. This is because Welsh slate can be recycled, and recycling costs nothing. It is actually why it is encouraged for people to recycle their Welsh slate dragon house signs in the case of any breakage.