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5 Tips to Write a Website Copy That Converts

by Sinke Car

You’ve got an amazing opportunity to talk directly to your target audience. Seems not that difficult, but why writing an effective website copy often turns out to be a disappointment? The answer is actually obvious: most entrepreneurs write from their perspective trying to sell rather than putting themselves into their customer’s shoes.


A website copy is the perfect way to deliver information to your clients. Yet, you should use the right words to boost CTA. We’ve prepared a list of 5 tips and tactics that will help you increase conversion. Try them out and see the results!

1.  Change Your Perspective

First and foremost, you need to change your point of view. The text shouldn’t be written from company’s point of view, but from that of a client. Learn how to understand your customer. What drives them? What are they scared of? What are their problems and needs? How do they want to solve them? Speak their language, so your clients will feel comfortable being understood.

2.  Define Your Ideal Client Persona


Don’t hesitate to dedicate some time and energy to finding your ideal client persona. Analyze feedback about your services or products, talk to your existing customers and find out all about your clients’ problems, challenges and solutions. Later, use this information to create a website copy that will directly address your ideal client persona.

3.  Show the Benefits

You can dwell upon all the features your service/product has for hours. But let’s be honest, few clients will really read it. Better show the benefits of working with your company. This is what your customers are looking for. What advantages can they get? Is it low rates and discounts? Maybe, it’s fast delivery? Show these benefits, hook the attention and only then get down to features.

4.  Organize a Copy Smart


Even though your text is magnificent, this is only half the job done. You need to organize a copy smart. Think fonts through, write small sentences, structure with paragraphs and don’t forget the headings. Headings are essential, as most people focus on headings and just quickly scan through the rest of the information. Make sure you structure your copy smart, otherwise, it will hardly grab your client’s attention.

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5.  Call To Action

 Call To Action.


Finally, guide your client through the page. Don’t be too aggressive with buttons like ‘Start a free trial’ or ‘Buy now’. Better encourage them to the next step. Use CTA buttons like ‘Get Started’, or ‘Show me…’, ‘Yes, I want to try it’. Plus, remember to show your clients the sense of urgency. Focus on the importance to take action now, so they will get the best experience working with your company.

Writing a website copy isn’t something you can do and forget about. Always keep on trying out new tactics and techniques to appeal to your client. Plus, don’t forget about testing and seeing what’s really working. Start with using these tips and write a web copy that truly grabs attention. If you need help during this process you can always visit websites such as globexwritingservices.com  and check solutions they are offering.