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5 Handy Productivity Apps for College Students in 2024

by Elsa Stringer

Struggling to concentrate? Don’t sweat! It is quite normal to feel a little overwhelmed when you have a lot on your plate.

It is not until you face the music that you realize that going to college is more than just buying a fancy laptop, phone, and tablet or hanging out with friends.

For a college student, keeping a balance between personal, academic and social life is the greatest challenge. Between back-to-back assignments, lectures, study sessions and even work, you might have no time to spare to have fun or socialize.

When you struggle for too long to keep your head above the water, losing your study-life balance and feeling burned out is inevitable and that is when you need some extra help for damage control.

Fortunately, we live in a magnificent digital age where the internet, smartphones, and tablets can save us from losing our balance. From keeping us connected and entertained to help us stay focused and productive, digital technologies can work as an all-in-one powerful resource to help us accomplish multiple tasks.

Installing productivity apps can empower you to win-back your concentration, focus and study-life balance. In this article, we have listed the best productivity tools for college students to help them get back into the game.



If you like to write sticky notes and paste them all over your study-desk to keep a track of your tasks, then you should certainly give Trello a shot. This app is based on a Kanban workflow that lets you achieve efficiency and agility.

Trello allows you to move cards from one list to another so that you can easily track the progress of various tasks or projects that you have to complete.

Moving cards from your virtual “to-do” list to “in progress” and then finally in “done” does not only make you organized, but gives a lot of motivation when you drag and drop down the cards starting from the first list to the last

Block App


Studies show that a student spends almost 9 hours a day on social media and that tells how easy it is to get distracted when a notification pops up on your screen. If you keep twiddling your phone now and then while studying then you should use the Block App to solve this problem immediately.

As the name suggests, the Block App lets you block apps for a certain amount of time so that you can keep all the tempting social-media distractions at bay and stick to your schedule to save time.

With the Block App, you can set up schedules and choose apps that you want to shut off and select a time frame during which you want them to stay blocked.
Don’t worry, Block Apps does not completely cut you off from the world and notifies you about all active blocks to keep you aware.



Want to work hard tonight so that you can spend time with your family and friends? Install Quizlet to achieve the study-life balance you’re longing for.

Since we all want to score well, preparing for tests and quizzes can put a lot of pressure on our emotional, mental and physical health, especially when we are trying to run out the clock.

Quizlet helps you prepare for your exam efficiently by letting you study through flashcards. You can create flashcards or even access the existing ones made by various students so that you don’t have to worry about missing out on any important topic while revising for an exam.

This useful app keeps your brain juices flowing by pointing-out areas of improvement so that you can work on them. Moreover, if you ever need a productive study-break, just play the Match game and revitalize your brain by racing against the clock.

Quizlet comes with 220,000 study sets along with features that are available in 18 diverse languages to cater to the needs of all college students.

Voice Notes


Thanks to the 21st century for gifting us apps that incorporate voice technology and Artificial Intelligence together to help us enhance our efficiency by shrinking the task completion time.

Taking notes is important for every student so that they don’t forget whatever they see or hear. Sometimes making notes can be difficult between lectures or online tutorials especially when the instructor is throwing humongous amounts of information at a fast pace.

The Voice App comes with a one-touch feature that allows you to take notes by automatically converting your teacher’s speech into text. It doesn’t matter how much or for how long they speak, this incredible note-making app can continuously convert their speech into text and automatically save it in a storage file.

With speech recognition for 100+ languages and supporting 20 user interface languages, the Voice App lets you note down everything without any language barriers or time constraints.

Tick Tick


Tick Tick comes with the intelligent “smart list” feature and is loaded with numerous hierarchies that allow you to manage and track tasks according to the categories you create.

You can make different folders for assignments, tests, work, etc and color code them too for easy recognition and sorting. With Tick Tick, you get nine existing smart lists mentioned below. You can choose to hide or show all these lists as per your preference except the Inbox List.

Next 7 Days
Assigned to Me
Google Calendar
and Trash

This useful app also offers the feature to integrate Google Calendar and has an intuitive interface so that you can easily design and manage tasks according to their priority, time duration, and themes.


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The above apps will surely boost your daily productivity while allowing you to have a good academic as well as social life. You can install any one of these apps according to your needs and energize your brain by using technology at its best.

With a fast internet connection, you can simply download and use these highly useful apps to stay focused, balance your study-life and accomplish all your tasks and projects without losing your mind.

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