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2020 Toyota 4Runner – Release date & Price

by Nebojša Vujinović

The 2024 Toyota 4Runner in basically a carryover model from its 2014 version. However, a few changes have been made to areas like the infotainment section, the engine, as well as car safety adaptations. All this is aimed at putting the vehicle on the same level with other brands, and ensuring safety on the roads. The improved infotainment seeks to attract more consumers by finally adding Google-enabled entertainment technology to the Toyota brand. The car will have a number of versions, each of them with advanced and specialized features tailored for different consumers.

2020 Toyota 4Runner Design


As mentioned, the design will remain largely the same, with the exterior body staying rugged, and the interiors maintaining the truck-based cabin. However, the car will feature a new grille design. Small differences will be noticed on the touchscreen, which will now go up to 8 inches from the previous 6.1 inches. For infotainment, the car will have Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa, and the new development, Android Auto. It will also include keyless ignition, keyless entry, and 2 additional rear USB ports.

Improvements on advanced safety

To boost the car’s safety, manufacturers will now include features like automatic high beam lights, adaptive cruise control for skidding, a warning during lane-departure, and automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection. All of these changes are aimed at incorporating collision avoidance technology into the car especially with delayed driver responses.

Differences between the various car versions

With the TRD Pro, buyers can now choose whether to retain the rear wheel drive cars or pick a 4 wheel drive. The all-wheel drive will boost traction and balance on rough terrain, but it will also increase fuel consumption significantly. They also get to pick between part-time or full-time AWD with the TRD Pro package. Cars will also be featured with a new gearbox to boost towing capacity and mileage on the TRD Pro. Other special features will include added leather seats and a larger screen on the Limited Edition version. The SR5 Premium package will also come with 17 inch wheels plus heated front seats and outside mirrors. The TRD Off-Road version will come with CRAWL control, while the TRD Off-Road Premium package will include Locking Rear Differentials.

2020 Toyota 4runner Engine


Basic versions of the Toyota 4Runner will maintain the V6 engine, but there are chances that the TRD Pro and the Limited Edition will have a hybrid drivetrain that will combine the V6 petrol engine with a diesel engine to give consumers more variety to pick from. This will definitely give the car more power, but it will increase fuel consumption. The tank still maintains its 4 litre capacity, the 270 horse power, as well as 280 ounces per foot, of torque. Lastly, normal models of the 2024 4Runner will still have a towing capacity of 5000 pounds, which will increase in versions like the TRD Pro.

Launch dates and price changes


No official launch date has been announced for this new Toyota model. However, production is set to begin in the month of August 2019. Tentatively, this should last until October when the brand place the car on sale. The entry level prices are expected to stay within the previous model prices, seeing as no major changes have been made on the car.

The difference will depend on the 4Runner version of the car. SR5 and TRD versions will see consumers pay slightly more for their cars. TRD limited edition will cost even more than the SR5, and the most expensive version will be the TRD Pro model, owing to all the extra features it comes with. There will also be a difference in pricing depending on what engine the car will have. The expected diesel engine will change the price of TRD Pro models as compared to other 4Runner models that keep the V6 engine.


Not much has changed with the 2024 Toyota 4Runner model as compared to its predecessor, the 2014 one. The exterior is still largely the same, retaining its classic rugged look, which is probably good news for those who have always been fond of the car. Interiors are also generally the same, except for the Limited Edition and Pro versions of the car.

Toyota has made more subtle, yet advanced improvements. They have upgraded the car’s entertainment system, allowing to compete competitively with its counterparts. The car also has more safety measures in place, allowing to comply with 2024 car safety standards. The changes may be subtle, but they put the 4Runner at par with modern advancements in technology.