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12 Famous Celebrities With Their Most Unusual Pets

by Elsa Stringer

Celebrities love to compete and brag about their wealth, cars, homes, sold-out concerts, and successful films, and they also save money when it comes to their pets. They treat their pets regally, and some of them do not just dwell on dogs and cats.

This exciting list shows which pets have been chosen by celebrities – among them, we will recognize true animal lovers, but also others who have extravagance and attention in the first place – well, judge for yourself! If you want to learn more about this topic check ahjoo.com and find out.

Unusual Pets


Take a look at the 12 unusual animals that famous Hollywood stars keep or have kept in their homes:

1. Singer Justin Bieber does not part with his monkey, and he once had trouble going on a paperless trip for his pet Mayley. The teen’s favorite, Justin Bieber, got into trouble when he didn’t have the proper papers and permission to bring his pet, Monkey Mayley, to Germany. Sun Magazine writes that he is very attached to his pet, is not going anywhere without him, and that he would be unfortunate if they quarantined Mayley.


2. The tiger of the famous boxer Mike Tyson is second on the list of unusual pets. Some time ago, Mike Tyson claimed in an interview that he kept several tigers in the house.


3. Actress Reese Witherspoon made a real mistake for neighbors when she kept two donkeys on her property, which she named Honki and Tonki. It is not strange for celebrities to have their farm, but to keep their asses as pets, it’s already, you will admit, a bit odd.

Actress Reese Witherspoon thinks her pets Honky and Tonki are very obedient and sweet, but her neighbors do not share her opinion. In 2011, the newspaper wrote that her asses were so loud that neighbors eventually joined in writing the complaint.


4. Aerosmith band frontman Steven Tyler revealed in an interview in 2011 that he kept a raccoon named Bandit as a pet. This name is not surprising because these animals are known to be big thieves.

5. Actress Kristen Stewart boasts about her pet, which is no less or no more wolf. She said in one show that the wolf looks dangerous but that he is mostly adorable. To some, this would sound amazing, but not to her, given that she almost grew up with wolves. It is entirely reasonable for her because her mother has a wolf kennel.


6. Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio gave $ 400 for a turtle he bought at a reptile breeder show.

7. George Clooney was devastated when he died in 2006 of a pig, he had lived with for 18 years. George Clooney had no problem committing to his unusual pet – pig Max. He got Max as a gift back in 1988, and it was no problem for him to take such a large pet on all his recordings. Clooney often said that pigs are brilliant animals, that Max often laughed at him, but also often did damage to the apartment. Max passed away in 2006, after which Clooney was broken and said he had no plans to take any other pet that would take Max’s place. Nevertheless, in 2011 he rescued and adopted an Einstein dog from an asylum.


8. Famous singer Michael Jackson lived with a chimpanzee he called Bubble, and they share a photo.

9. The deer of the amazing actress Audrey Hepburn she met on the set of a movie. The beautiful deer very quickly became her pet. To get closer to the animal, she had to spend some time with her, so she took her home last year and called Pippin. Audrey Hepburn and deer starred together on ‘Green Mansions.’

10. Actress and singer Josephine Baker were still walking her leopard in the 1930s.

11. Although Paris Hilton changes her pets and friends at the speed of time, her tinkering Tinkerbell lingers for quite some time with her owner. It was purchased from a Greek breeder for € 3,000. Tinkerbell has often appeared with her owner at various public and social events, as well as in all three seasons of The Simple Life reality show.


The Tinkerbell Hilton went missing when someone broke into the Hilton property, and a $ 5,000 reward was announced. Tinkerbell Hilton was found six days later by neighbors. It was rumored that Paris gave this house to her mother because the Bell was allegedly fattened. However, shortly after, this dog was seen again with its original owner. Today, Paris has over 17 dogs living in the so-called.

A “dog mansion” that looks both inside and outside the same as her house in Los Angeles. In addition to dogs, Paris also had pigs, frogs, rabbits, an African parrot, a hamster, and indeed her most interesting pet was the kinkajou, a small creature that resembles a lemur and a raccoon. This friendship ended when her pet bit her. Her publicist then justified the choice of a wealthy heiress, saying that this species was not aggressive and that this could have happened and that she had chosen a German shepherd as a pet.

12. Martha Stewart, a woman who has twice been on the Forbes list of most powerful women, cooks, businessmen, author of many famous books and women with many interests, shares her love with a large number of pets: Zu-Zu dogs, Paw-Paw dogs. Cin-Cin and Empress Woo and seven Himalayan cats: Teeny, Weeny, Mozart, Vivaldi, Verdi, Berlioz, and Bartok. She also has a pair of two amazing peacocks, called Blues Brothers.

We hope you laughed, enjoyed, and amazed when you read about all the unusual pets known to have for your pets. If you want to get another exciting pet animal instead of a dog or cat, let this article serve as your inspiration. Did you have any other exciting pet, or is it an excellent opportunity to think about it now?