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Who Are the Most Beautiful and Breathtaking Russian Women?

by Elsa Stringer

The Russian edition of a popular magazine for men, Maxim, has published the list of top 100 most beautiful women in the country. The people from Maxim magazine were using two factors while choosing who will be on this list. The first one is voting on the social network, while the other one is an expert jury that was put together by some popular males in the showbiz.

1. Irina Shayk

According to the votes of the audience and the decision of the jury, first place goes to Irina Shayk, who is one of the most popular models in the world. From the moment she first appeared on this list, in 2011, when she was in 6th place, she remains to be at the top.


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2. Lyubov Novikova Aksyonova

The second place goes to Lyubov Novikova Aksyonova. She is a popular actress, with roles in TV series Silver Spoon, TV series Tom Clancy`s Jack Ryan, movie Moscow Never Sleeps, and many more. Novikova is on this list for the 5th time, last year she took the 6th place.

3. Olga Seriabkina

The popular Russian singer, Olga Seriabkina, kept her third place like the year before. She got famous as a member of a music group called Serebro. This artist, who is also known as Molly, has left that music group in 2019, after 13 years.


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4. Viki Odintsova

This is the first time for Viki Odintsova to get on a Maxim magazine`s list, so getting on a 4th place is a real success. Viki became popular on Instagram when she climbed on the edge of a 73-floor building in Dubay. Currently, she has around 5 million followers on this social network.

5. Yana Koshkina

The fifth-place goes to Yana Koshkina, the 29-years old actress and TV host. This year’s list places her a lot better than previous years, because last year she was at 21st place, while in 2017, she got the position 36.


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