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10 Best Looking Cars Owned by Netflix Stars

by Elsa Stringer

Since the introduction of Netflix, this streaming device grew constantly. Today, it has gotten so strong that Netflix makes movies and tv shows independently. Many became very popular, and a few of them became one of the best tv shows in the world. Introducing Netflix was a complete revolution of TV, which presented a totally different perspective, both to TV stations and audience.

Also, Netflix provided something entirely new to the table. For example, all episodes of a certain Netflix show are released at the same time. This helped the promotion because the audience doesn’t need to wait for all of the episodes to be broadcasted before they could binge them. From “House of Cards” to “Orange is the New Black” Netflix tv shows presented some of the most popular actors in the world. Some of these actors are a huge fan of cool cars. Let us see which ones. Buckle up and let`s go.

Car #10: 1994 Buick Roadmaster – Kristen Bell


Today, Kristen Bell is one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood, loved for her various, and excellently acted roles. Recently, she appeared on a Netflix tv show called “The Good Place” which was an instant hit. She drives 1994 Buick Roadmaster.

Car #9: Porsche 911 – Keanu Reeves


Keanu Reeves starred in a Netflix comedy called “Always Be My Maybe”, and is one the most popular people in the world nowadays. He owns a true beauty Porsche 911. However, he owns a lot of motorcycles in his collection.

Car #8: Jaguar F-Type – Richard Madden


After his role on the most popular tv show of all times “Game of Thrones”, Richard Madden started working on his career, which recently boomed. He appeared in a Netflix tv show “Bodyguard” and it is rumored that he will be the next James Bond. Richard owns a Jaguar F-Type.

Car #7: 1969 Cadillac – Danny Koker


Danny Koker is the main character in a really popular reality tv show ”Counting Cars” which is broadcasted on Netflix. Naturally, it is expected of him to have a nice collection of cars. For example, he owns a 1969 Cadillac, which is one of the coolest cars ever.

Car #6: 1965 Ford Mustang – Will Smith


For decades now, Will Smith represented how a successful actor should build his career. He started as a musician, and today an A-list Hollywood actor. One of his latest works is a Netflix movie called “Bright” which quickly became one of the most popular movies on the platform. He drives the 1935 Ford Mustang.

Car #5: Mercedes E 350 – Ron Perlman


Ron Perlman didn’t become popular by driving cars, instead, he became popular after he started working on a tv show called “Sons of Anarchy”, which was re-broadcasted on Netflix. That doesn’t mean that he is not a fan of cars. On the opposite, he is, and he drives Mercedes E 350.

Car #4: Cadillac DTS – Adam Sandler


Adam Sandler has come a long way from being a stand-up comedian to being one of the most popular comedy actors of today. His recent movie “Murder Mystery” was broadcasted by Netflix, and accumulated a large following for a really short time.

Car #3: Porsche Cayenne GTS – Miley Cyrus


After she stopped being Disney`s kid, she started her own career, which ultimately led her to become one of the most popular singers in the world. Recently, she took part in a “Black Mirror” a Netflix tv show. She owns a Porsche Cayenne GTS.

Car #2: Shelby Cobra AC – Aaron Paul


Aaron Paul, or Jesse Pinkman from one of the best, and one the best-known tv show in the world “Breaking Bad”. Since the show was over, his acting career started growing enormously, and Netflix had a huge part in that. Breaking Bad started broadcasting on a regular tv but was moved to Netflix later. Aaron Paul owns a Shelby Cobra AC.

Car #1: Porsche 959 – Jerry Seinfeld


An actor, Jerry Seinfeld is probably the biggest car collection on this list of ours. He has more than a hundred cars in his private collection. His love for the cars became the main theme of a Netflix reality tv show called “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”. The highlight of his collection is certainly a Porsche 959.