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Will Trump Find Out Who He Runs Against After Super Tuesday?

by Sinisav

METRO – 03/03/3030: It won’t be long before Donald Trump finds out the name of his rival in the upcoming elections. The reason is Super Tuesday. The primaries will be held in fourteen states, and while the candidate won’t be known immediately, we will have a clear image. The names of front-running candidates are already known, and they are Mike Bloomberg, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Joe Biden.

The reason why Super Tuesday can bring one candidate closer to run against Donald Trump is that two most populated states are out in the primaries, Texas and California. As such, they award 1,357 delegates for the nominees.

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Delegates are important as the number of them you get will make you a candidate. Democrats have 3,979 delegates through all primaries in all states. To become a candidate, you need 1,991 delegates. This is why California primaries are so important. The candidate who wins there has the most significant chance of becoming a Democrat nominee as the Golden State provides 415 delegates.

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Texas is the second state viewed through the number of delegates, and it gives you 228 of them. Another state with a substantial amount of representatives is North Carolina, with 110. Experts agree that Joe Biden needs to win in NC if he wants to have any chance of becoming a Democrat nominee.

While we can expect that one candidate will emerge as the front-runner after Super Tuesday, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will happen. Back in 2008, when Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton were fighting for Democrat nomination, they were tied after Super Tuesday. In the end, as you probably know, Obama won the nomination and, consequentially, the elections.

So far, the primaries are over in four states. At the moment, Bernie Sanders is in the lead with 60 delegates. He is closely followed by Joe Biden, who has 54. Behind them, we have Elizabeth Warren with only 8. Mike Bloomberg didn’t enter the primaries in these four states. Instead, he advertised in those states where Super Tuesday is the day for primaries, with the hope that he can become the leader in this race after it’s over.

Later tonight, the race will not be over, but as we said, more will be known about who is the favorite to run against Donald Trump.

Source: metro.co.uk