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Trump Shouldn’t Fear Sanders, Instead His Antithesis Is..?

by Sinisav

CNN – 03/03/2020: The story goes like this. If you want to become the President of the United States, you need to be a polar opposite of your predecessor. Because of this, many people believe that the most prominent opponent of Donald Trump is Bernie Sanders.

Let’s make this a bit clearer. When Jimmy Carter became the President he was considered honest and ethical. The man before him? Not so much! It was Richard Nixon. You remember Watergate. Not honest at all. Then you have Ronald Reagan, who was everything that Carter before him wasn’t, and he based his campaign on that fact.

Donald Trump

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More recently, we have George W. Bush, who promised honor and decency after scandals of Bill Clinton. What followed was Barack Obama, who vowed to put an end to dynasties of presidents. Obama was considered boring and non-dramatic by some, so we got ourselves a Trump. A lot of drama! You can say whatever you want about POTUS, but he isn’t boring.

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If you follow what we just told you, you will get to the conclusion that Bernie Sanders is the nemesis of Donald Trump. But, this is true if you look at it strictly politically. If you look at both politics and personal traits such as character, then things change a bit.

When you put things into this perspective, his antithesis is not Sanders; it’s Joe Biden. While Trump is often criticized for his lack of moral and ethical compass, Biden is something else. In the words of a colleague Senator Lindsay Graham, Biden is: “As good a man as God ever created.”

This is not something you will hear about Donald Trump. Another person whose opinion mattered was Senator John McCain, who said about Biden: “He is a good and decent man, God-fearing and kind, a devoted father and husband and a genuine patriot who puts our country before himself.”

You can do the math yourself. Trump should fear Biden, not Sanders.

Source: cnn.com