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Why is Donald Trump Running for President Once Again

by Nebojša Vujinović

Donald Trump would be remembered in American popular history even if he didn’t become president. His long career as a real estate billionaire mogul was one full of scandals, rises, and falls. So far he has always managed to remain one step ahead of those chasing him. Sometimes those were women, friends, rivals, and people on the side of the law in form of plaintiffs, prosecutors, and even creditors.

When his career as a president took off, it was soon derailed. He is the only president to be impeached twice. To be fair he was also acquitted twice. If you remember, his whole tenure as the president was in the shadow of an investigation that tried to prove he was working with Russians. The investigation failed.

Trump isn’t one to shy away from scandals, and one of the biggest included adult movie industry star, Stormy Daniels. This scandal was pushed under the rug by his attorney Michael Cohen, who did time due to paying out money under the table and interfering with the justice system. He got the punishment, but Trump escaped, again. If we didn’t know any better we could say that he is a magician. Just like NFL star receiver knows their routes, and are good at what they do, it would seem that the ex-POTUS knows the escape routes, and is good escaping the law and order.

Source: politico.com

At the moment a few investigations are looking into his deeds. For one, he’s on the lookout for the results of the committee search for his influence on the attempts to overturn last year’s elections. There’s also a small matter of Capitol riots that occurred on January 6th. The investigators in Georgia are also looking into his demand for the officials to find him the needed votes to win against Joe Biden in that state. At times the man is a madman.

In his home state of New York, the prosecution is looking into a case that claims Trump committed multiple acts of tax fraud. While all of this looks damning, you shouldn’t envision him behind the bars. This is what Norman Eisen told about Trump, when the odds are stacked against him: “His life has been a series of lessons showing that with aggressive lawyering and a lot of chutzpah, you can achieve almost total immunity.”

When it comes to Donald as the president, he was fond of all and any law exceptions that could help him. For one, he adored the executive privilege. It is a legal doctrine that allows the president to protect conversations led inside of the White House from Congressional investigation. He used it often, against Congress, against Justice Department, and House of Representatives. He can use it still, as even the ex-presidents have this right. It’s all thanks to Richard Nixon, who, if you remember, also had a lot of issues with the US legislative organs.

Source: msnbc.com

With all of the investigation result that awaits Trump, he’ll certainly have to pull the executive privilege out of his hat. He will most likely use it the right way at times, but it won’t be able to help him to come out as a winner. But, Trump isn’t looking to come out as a winner. What’s he aiming at is the delay that using this privilege could create. He’s buying time, and he needs just enough to get to the next election race.

And we’re not talking about the presidency, but about the congressional one. If Republicans win, and take over the control over the chamber, the chances are they’re not going to run any investigations against Donald Trump. At the moment, the 45th US President is all about being a target of his political enemies. Talking about the ongoing investigation, and attacks on his good name, Trump wrote: “The insurrection took place on Nov. 3, election day. Jan. 6 was the protest! The Left will never stop coming after me. Please contribute ANY AMOUNT IMMEDIATELY to make a statement to the Left that you’ll ALWAYS stand with YOUR President.”

Source: cnn.com

With all the legal issues surrounding him, you must be wondering what gives Trump the strength to run again. Well, there are three reasons. The first one is of course his ego, as he took his loss very poorly. The second reason is to regain political power, and take revenge on those who harmed him. The third one is of course the money. At the moment, his ventures aren’t doing all that great and any financial contributions to his campaign are good. Once he’s the president, he’ll know what to do to bolster his business.

In the end, we shouldn’t forget, maybe the most important things. If he regains political power, he’s also not going to jail, and if we talk about motives, that’s one helluva to have.