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Why Do We Love Tamil Songs?

by William Gist

Many people cannot imagine their daily lives without music. Whether you are at a party, at the gym, or home, music is always there to boost our mood, motivate us to do something or simply make us feel better and more relaxed.

It isn’t hard for anyone to find music that fits their taste since there are so many genres to choose from. There is so much to explore and listen to, from a countless number of songs that came out in the past, to thousands of new songs that are released every year.

Now, let’s take a look at a music genre, that is extremely popular in the region it originated from, but that some might be unfamiliar with – Tamil Music.

What is Tamil Music?

It is a genre of music that originated in Tamil Nadu, a state in the south of India. It is thousands of years old, first emerging in the earliest period of Tamil history, which is why it holds great importance to the Tamil people. It is one of the most significant elements of their culture, therefore, it is something they do passionately and with a lot of love.

Tamil Music can be separated into three main groups – classical, folk, and devotional.

One of the oldest classical music forms in the world is Carnatic music. It is full of melodic and rhythmic variety, and it is appreciated for having the ability to build a positive mental attitude and help with organizing one’s thoughts. It is widely popular in southern India, and when one speaks of it, they are also speaking about the music of the Tamil Nadu. This is why we can say, Tamil music has the same properties.

Why do people love Tamil songs?

Tamil music promotes happiness and hope. It is supposed to uplift your mood and make you feel great. Generally speaking, in every song or video, you should be able to find something that makes you smile and it is supposed to help you forget about the hardships of your everyday life. It perfectly reflects the people of India, since they are known for trying to be as bright and joyful as they possibly can.

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Film Music

Another explanation for the popularity of Tamil music might be that a lot of the songs come from movies.

Tamil Nadu film music is known as innovative, charming and eclectic. It often presents a mixture of Carnatic and Western instruments, with the recent trend being the use of electronic ones. It includes various rhythmic or melodic motifs, with minimalist or orchestral themes often being featured.

Films play a major role in the Indian entertainment industry, with Bollywood releasing an immense number of movies annually. Since all films require soundtracks, movies and music have become intertwined and inseparable. This is also the reason that the Indian music industry is flourishing more and more each day.

With a long and rich culture and history, Tamil music is appreciated by people all across India. It’s energetic and uplifting spirit might make you feel elated and free, and help you forget about the problems of daily life.