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Tamil Music in India: Learn All About It

by William Gist

Music is something that helps us relax after a hard day of work, uplift our mood when it is time to party, get us in the workout mood when it is time to hit the gym and so on. It is safe to say that music is our everyday companion and most of us simply can’t live without it.

There are so many genres of music out there that almost anyone can find something they like. Thousands of new songs are coming out each year and new artists are constantly being introduced to the stage, so you have so much to explore in the world of music.

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Today we are going to be focusing a bit more on Tamil music, so if you want to learn more, feel free to read until the end. Without further ado, let’s take a look at this interesting genre that not many people know about.

What exactly is Tamil Music?

So Tamil is basically the language that is spoken in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. And in this area, a new genre of music was born that is now called Tamil Music. There are three main categories in which we can separate the Tamil Music, and they are devotional, classical and fold Tamil Music.

Although their music is obviously very popular in their areas, for some of you it might be completely unknown. But, that’s not really strange as the same case is with the Korean Pop music, also known as K-Pop. It is extremely popular in Korea, but not many of us ever heard about it.

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Tamil music has an uplifting nature and it is made to make you feel better and improve your mood in order to have a better day. Almost all of the music videos and texts for their songs include something that is supposed to make you smile and make you forget about your everyday problems. India is known as a country where people are trying to be as cheerful and happy as they possibly can, so their music is not different at all. If you are someone who wants to explore and discover new Tamil Songs, there are several websites where you can experience Tamil Music that was released during the past few years. It is like a library but for Indian music, so if you want to hear what Tamil Songs sound like, or simply find an older song that you once knew but forgot about it, feel free to visit Tamildada.

A very interesting thing to know about Tamil Music is that most of the songs that you’ll find out there on the internet are actually songs that were used in most of their films. Bollywood is exceptionally well-known for producing a large number of movies each year, and their music industry is booming because of it too. They sort of work together since all movies require songs and soundtracks, and it seems that Indian people love making music, so it is basically like those two things were made to function alongside.