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The First Wife Of Johnny Cash Shows What Ruined Their Marriage

by Edvard Berlusconi

Johnny and June Carter Cash are regularly viewed as the most notorious couple in down-home music history. Therefore, numerous individuals overlook or essentially don’t have a clue about that Johnny was hitched once previously, and now his first spouse’s story is at long last being heard.

Vivian Liberto wedded Johnny on August 7, 1954, in the wake of going through three years trading letters with him while he was in the military and positioned in Germany. The couple proceeded to have four little girls together, Rosanne, Kathy, Cindy, and Tara.

In any case, the marriage was a long way from an upbeat one, and Vivian sought legal separation in 1966, after only 12 years of marriage. In spite of the fact that Vivian passed away in 2005, her new book called I Walked the Line: My Life with Johnny, discloses to her story. Vivian expresses the two principle words that crushed her union with Johnny were “medications and June Carter,” more so June than the medications.

She says that “everything, and I mean the world, began to self-destruct,” when they lived in a house in Casitas Springs from 1961-1967. That is when Johnny benefited from control with medications and liquor, was captured, and even unintentionally set a woods fire.


“When June went along, she determinedly — well, she needed Dad, and she would get him,” says Cindy. “What’s more, she did. She made herself entirely accessible, to where he sought after her back.” In the book, Vivian admits that she constantly loved Johnny, and she laments that she didn’t invest more energy to spare their marriage, saying “I ought to have been tenacious at sparing it, as determined as June was at crushing it.”

As horrendous as the majority of that was to Vivian, she said June was her fundamental stress since Johnny was out and about with her a great deal. Vivian claims that the manner in which Johnny and June were depicted in the famous film Walk the Line is all off-base, that June was really the one to pursue Johnny. Vivian additionally guarantees that one time when she experienced June behind the stage, she advised her, “Vivian, he will be mine.”


Vivian makes further cases that June helped bolster Johnny’s compulsion by giving him drugs and that June was really someone who is addicted too. In spite of these cases, Vivian’s companions state that she doesn’t act antagonistically toward June in the book.

After her separation, Vivian proceeded to wed Ventura cop Dick Distin in 1968, and she was a functioning and much-adored individual from the network, engaging in the Garden Club and making the humanitarian effort. Vivian passed away on May 2005 when she was 71 years of age, not long after she wrapped up the original copy for her book. If you are more interested about it check out Country Thang Daily.

As per Cindy, all her mom at any point needed was “to at long last, at long last have a voice,” when it came to what occurred among her and Johnny. Vivian’s new book has enabled her to have the voice she scanned for after such a large number of years.