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Why Customised Gift Is a Go For?

by Sinke Car

Gift giving has existed since the origin of life on earth. It is always an amazing feeling to be at the receiving end of the fabulous gift. Today’s scenario, the world is overwhelmed with endless products all competing for the “Best Gift” title, it’s not difficult to get a gift for your loved ones for the endless list of occasions like birthdays, wedding, baby showers, Thanksgiving and so on. 

But do those mass-produced gifts truly symbolize how you feel about them? Well, in my opinion *NO* because it’s not personal, it’s not customized

So for a clear overview, first you should know what customization means. Customization is an art that allows people to turn ordinary gifts into memorable, one that can make any occasion extra special. The customized gifts or let’s say printed cards are adorned with the name, picture and a short personal message that lets people share their sentiments with their loved ones. They nurture relationships, make them stronger with time.

In fact, personalized products sell for an average of 40% more than the standard non custom version.
There’s a famous quote “At the end of the day, people won’t remember what you said nor did, they will remember how you made them feel.”~ Maya Angel

So why have personalized gifts become the best? Here’s why

Build strong personal connections


There is no single doubt a person will feel amazing when he or she receives a gift, especially from the people that they hold close to their heart. But customized or personalized gift items go ahead one step and make the recipient of the gift experience a personal connection to the sender.

The thought and care you put into a custom gift is what matters at the end. It will surely have a special impact on the recipient, more than any other gift in the world, because it came straight from your heart to theirs.



A customized gift is exclusive as compared to other gifts. This is so because it is tailored made with love and care, keeping in mind the receiver’s likes and dislikes. When you give someone something that belongs exclusively to them, it helps them to believe that they are so special to you.

Time saving


However, when you visit online for gift shopping (the most convenient and effective way of buying things in today’s time), all you are welcomed with personalized gift ideas. This will save your time which you might have done by going from one shop to another and getting that what is commonly available everywhere. Something as simple as custom printed cards can save the day. You can check sites such as amphasisdesign.com to find out more about these cards.

Emotional Touch


Personalized gifts usually strengthen existing relationships while building new ones with impressive nostalgic touches. This touch of memories or personal relationships distinguishes it from other types of gifts. While most people choose normal gifts like mugs, bar accessories, key chains, lights, etc., you can give your loved ones extra to personalize your name or photo to be a little unique and in a way – more interesting than others gifts.

Customization works for everyone


Customized gifts can be gifted to everyone. It could be women, men, kids, the elderly, and the list is never-ending, because special things are meant for everybody. We all want the best of best for our loved ones. By looking at them smiling with honest review at something we’ve given them is enough for us to consider as reward for all our effort we put in customization.

Fits Every Occasion


Because personalized gifts are not event oriented, they can be easily adapted to any event, from birthdays, birthdays, or even graduation / farewell events. While most of us have a very long time figuring out what to give, personalized gifts are perfect to give without thinking twice.

And Every Age Group

Regardless of age, gender, or relationship, personalized gifts are perfect for giving someone a favor. While clothing may not meet the recipient’s expectations, personalized gifts are perfect because they combine personal emotions with gifts and offer a useful approach.

Even if you’re a company, customizing gifting can take your marketing efforts to next level, some straight-forward benefits could be:

Brand Awareness


When you use promotional items as free items, your name is actually published. Spreading gifts with your company name, logo, and contact information will spread awareness about your company. You receive something for free from your company and connect with gifts – again positive.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Customers who receive free goods are more likely to give you repeat business. This also requires a partnership between your business prospects. Giving a gift reminds the recipient that his business is important to you. These are positive feelings that increase loyalty.


Strengthen Employee Relations

By giving gifts to your employees, you can improve the attitude of your employees. By being rewarded for their good work with corporate brand gifts, they were reminded of how valuable they were to the company. This motivates employees to win this award and increase production. You can also strengthen corporate ethics or slogans by repeating promotional items.

Maintain B2B Relations

Business is made up of people and people like to receive gifts. They also pay more attention when they receive gifts. When the promotional items you specify can often be used in an office environment. He will remind this office of your politeness and good intentions. This can make a major contribution to developing relationships with current and future customers.

Boost Your Sales


Customers who receive free goods are more likely to spend more on products and services than the companies that donate them. Sales will of course also increase in line with increased brand awareness and brand awareness. Customers feel that they get better value for money or they buy more of your business.

Now, if you go through this article seriously, you’d realize that customizing gifting can do wonders to you and your company’s image as well. There ain’t a better way of putting it. If you find this article worth your time, do not forget to share it with your circle as well. Thank You for your time.