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3 Unforgettable Gifts to Get for an Anniversary

by Elsa Stringer

It is important for couples to celebrate their anniversary. This is a chance to take a break from the usual routines so that you can spend more time together. You can look forward to the year ahead and make plans for what you would like to change and the new things you would like to try. It is a time for optimism, but also for gratitude and appreciation which is why a gift is important and unforgettable for all the right reasons.

A gift on the day

Whatever your plans for your anniversary, whether an experience gift such as dinner at a Michelin restaurant, a tandem sky-dive or a vacation, remember to take a gift with you that you can exchange on the day. Choose a gift before you leave home so you are not under any pressure to find something at your holiday location. Whilst the vacation is a gift in itself and will give you both fond memories, a physical gift on the day of your anniversary will make it all the more special.



Jewellery is a classic anniversary gift whether you choose a tiepin and cufflinks for him and earrings and a pendant for her. Choose something in their favourite colour or that is linked with the material that represents your anniversary in the traditional anniversary gifts list which you can find here. Jewellery will stay with you forever and make significant family heirlooms.

Handwritten gifts


Precious gifts are unique gifts that you can treasure. Handwriting a love letter is a very precious gift since it shows that you have put thought, time and effort into the gift. For something more substantial, you could also write your own love story online and have this printed in a bound copy. Include your favourite photographs from the past year and add your memories as text.

Unique home décor


A precious gift can also act as a daily reminder to your beloved that they are cherished. An ornament to display at home can raise a smile at any time, particularly in challenging moments. This could be an ornament that you would only give to the special woman in your life, such as a natural red rose, picked at the peak of perfection and gilded to last a lifetime.

Take a vacation

Taking some time away from home as a couple is a great way to celebrate your anniversary. Lavish holidays are usually left for milestone anniversaries, the two most popular being the 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries, but shorter holidays to places you both enjoy are a good idea for any of your anniversaries.



A vacation does not need to be a fortnight in the tropics, you can have a staycation to a place you have both always wanted to visit. This could be in combination with visiting a convention or seeing your local team play an away game.

Be a tourist at home

Alternatively, be a tourist in your own town or closest city. There may be a new restaurant opened that you have been wanting to try. Perhaps there is a movie or play on at the local theatre or listen to a new local band. If you live near the coast, take a walk along the beachfront and enjoy the views out to see.

Go camping/glamping

Camping will turn you back into the rhythm of nature as you sleep under the stars and enjoy fresh air. If you like home comforts, you can find glamping sites with yurts set up off the ground and in which you can sleep in a queen-size bed.

Take a road trip


Perfect for your 50th wedding anniversary when you are likely to have the time with children grown and retirement on the cards. Otherwise, you can take a road trip for just a couple of days, planning to go only a certain distance and pull off the road to any signposted events or sites that could be interesting, it’s amazing what you could find from an artist’s studio to a pet rescue centre.

New technology or upgrades

New technology or upgrades make great anniversary gifts as they are often items that we find hard to justify buying for ourselves. Yet if you see that your sweetheart’s phone is worn out, cracked or just old, then this is an easy gift that will be appreciated.

New smartphone


Surprise your beloved with an upgrade to their current phone. From the most powerful Android smartphone to an iPhone upgrade, there are dozens of phones to choose from. Samsung offers the Galaxy Fold, launched in September 2019 or you could wait for the Galaxy 10 Lite. If you want the best camera system, you want the Huawei P30 Pro.

Shake-free videos

With technology advancing so fast, an upgrade to a piece of kit already owned or some technology will be appreciated. If their phone holds videos you can barely see because of wobble, gift a handheld camera that can record smooth, cinematic footage that smartphones cannot. If you want to upgrade a video camera for a filmmaker, just make sure your choice is compatible with their existing kit.

Couples games


All gamers enjoy a new game, and for your anniversary a game you can play together is best. The Nintendo Switch has several cooperative games to choose from, including the fun, low-stress Snipperclips or try Mario Kart 8 Deluxe that is fun for all skill levels. You can check game reviews on this website.

One of the best games to share with your beloved, even if they are not as keen on gaming as you, are Overcooked and Overcooked 2, the sequel generally more of the same with some extra polish. This game can be played with up to four players, all cooperating in a restaurant kitchen to complete orders. This is a simple premise, but it will soon turn into chaos, with floors that break apart, lights that flicker and much more, which tests co-ordination and can be stressful but fun teamwork.