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Why a Gas Fireplace Sydney Is Better Than Wood One

by Sinke Car

Besides the cozy aesthetic influence that a fireplace has on your home, it is also an excellent heating option. Amazing looks along with a comfortable, warm house are reasons enough for many people in Sydney to set up one.


Gas and wood types are among the popular options. Below are some practical reasons why getting a gas fireplace Sydney is better than a wood one.


Appealing warmth



A gas one is simultaneously stunning and practical. You can pick realistic looking stones, coals, ceramic logs or rocks, based on the model and manufacturer.


You can also decide to use simulated or real flames. You probably have more options with gas fireplaces than wood options. There are numerous finishes available to suit varying design needs.


Fast and Powerful Heat


Unlike wood fireplaces, you can start your gas one immediately and also turn it off quickly. There is no need to waste time trying to start a fire.


Also, gas fireplaces today at www.lopi.com.au have higher ratings for heat output. That means they can efficiently and quickly heat your home. You will likely appreciate this benefit after returning home to a cold house at night or waking on chilly mornings.


Hassle-Free Mood Enhancer


There is something about relaxing as you enjoy a warm fireplace and a glass of your favorite drink. It’s the perfect romantic or relaxation setting, and these allow you to achieve that without any hassles.


You will not have to perform excessive clean-ups of ash and soot. There are no ash buckets, brushes, or shovels involved as a gas fireplace burns clean.


No Wood Cutting Necessary



Restocking wood for your fireplace takes work. If you’re doing it by yourself, you must cut and split wood, before carrying it to your furnace. Even when buying already dried and cut wood, you still require stacking it and continue adding it to the fire.

These wood maintenance tasks can be quite inconveniencing, especially during winter or rainy seasons. Luckily, gas fireplaces are much more user-friendly once installed. 


More Control


Gas heaters Sydney also offer users more control over the heat output. Some models even come with handy remote controls for fine-tuning the heat settings, while others have a programmable timer.


That same level of instant control cannot be achieved with wood types. Also, you have more installation options with gas fireplaces, including freestanding, wall installations, and in existing stone ones. There are multiple models for every type of installation, which further adds to their versatility.


Better Air Quality



Unlike a smoky wood fireplace, a contemporary gas one has no indoor emissions. They typically have vents for incoming air to ignite the flame and a sizable flue to get rid of the harmful gases from the house.




Personal choice and preferences are the most significant factors when deciding between a wood and gas fireplace Sydney. Regardless of the option you choose, go with a reliable and trustworthy supplier to ensure a straightforward installation and also for providing ongoing maintenance.