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The Benefits of Installing SPC Floors

by William Gist

If you are remodeling your home, you might have come across some abbreviations such as WPC and SPC flooring. And, if you are wondering what is SPC flooring, you are reading the right article. SPC vinyl flooring is an abbreviation for stone plastic composite vinyl flooring.

An SPC vinyl is a specifically engineered luxury vinyl that combines stabilizers and limestone to create a quite durable core. It 100 percent waterproof, stable, dent-resistant, and a similar structure to vinyl plank flooring. In this article, you will be able to read about the SPC flooring construction, as well as the benefits you can gain from installing this flooring in your house. Let’s take a look:

The Construction of SPC Vinyl Flooring


The SPC vinyl has several layers, including:

1. Wear Layer – this layer is the top coating on the floor and it is transparent. This is what makes the floor stain and scratch-resistant.

2. The Vinyl Top Coat – each SPC floor will have a thin layer of vinyl attached to it. This layer is the one that is waterproof and will contain texture, patterns, and the design and look of the floor.

3. SPC Core – the core is made from limestone powder and stabilizers that will create a stable and waterproof core.

4. Attached Underlayment – this flooring might have with attached underlayment. This helps with sound reduction and it also adds softness to the floor.

The Benefits of SPC Flooring

The SPC flooring has become quite popular to install for a wide range of reasons. The benefits include:


1. It is Waterproof – this is one of the biggest benefits and factors of SPC flooring. It is entirely waterproof, which means that this flooring can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, restaurants, and laundry rooms without worrying about water or moisture.

2. It is Stable for Temperature Fluctuations – with its stone construction, the SPC vinyl core is more stable in environments where there are temperature changes, like cabins, homes with AC units, and homes with fluctuations in humidity.

3. The Appearance – SPC flooring comes in a wide range of textures, designs, looks, and styles. It might even be hard for someone to believe it is vinyl.

4. DIY Installation – according to the experts from Mesrafloor.com.my, this flooring has a click-lock installation method. It is installed in a similar way as laminate and vinyl with a groove ad tongue installation. You will not need extra tools and glues and it can be installed by almost anyone.

5. Comfort – this flooring will feel more cushioned and sturdy under your feet than usual vinyl because of the plank thickness and dense core. The thicker the plank, the more comfortable you will gain. Also, you can opt for an SPC flooring that has an attached underlayment that adds extra softness under the feet.

6. Sound – with its dense core, the planks tend to have a quieter sound. You will not be able to hear hollow sounds when walking on it.

7. Affordability – the SPC flooring is quite budget-friendly. Depending on the features and brand, you can find this flooring in a variety of prices.

8. Easy Maintenance and Cleaning – the SPC flooring will have the same maintenance and cleaning requirements as regular vinyl. These planks are made to be easily cleaned with regular mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming.



As you can see, there are various benefits to installing SPC flooring in your home. It is not only budget-friendly, but it is also easy to install, waterproof, and scratch-resistant.