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Photos Ivanka Trump Wouldn’t Like You to See (VIDEO)

by Sinisav

Ivanka Trump has everything a woman can wish for, and it’s all thanks to her father, Donald Trump. The pair has an excellent relationship, which is often scrutinized by the press. The reason they sometimes act and look awkward when together.

Ivanka is Donald’s oldest daughter from his first marriage with Ivanka Trump. She has two brothers Donald Jr and Eric. Despite the public and ugly divorce, which was instigated by Trump’s infidelity, Ivanka remained close to her father. With time they become closest members of the Trump family. One divorce and two marriages later, she now has another sister, Tiffany, and a brother, Barron.

Ivanka Trump

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The fact that Donald now has a much younger wife and more children didn’t change their relationship. When Donald’s TV show The Apprentice become a global hit, Ivanka had the most prominent role in it of all of his children. With years they grew closer, and when Donald became the President, she followed him to the White House.

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This move was judged by many, but Trump didn’t care. Ivanka is now one of his closest advisers. She is even rumored to be his running mate for the upcoming elections. When traveling the world for meetings with world leaders, Ivanka is always by her father’s side.

A close relationship between a father and a daughter of this profile attracted attention from the press since the early days. It was always described as awkward and not natural, as Donald on moments seemed to infatuated with his daughter. He even once famously stated that he would date her if she weren’t his daughter.

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While these are only rumors started by reporters, there are photos that show the unnatural side of their relationship. These are photos that Ivanka wouldn’t like you to see. Click the link below and see it for yourself.