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Where are New Yorkers Moving To? – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Saying that the global pandemic of COVID-19 has changed many people’s perceptions about life is not a mistake. Just think about how many times you have heard people talking about how they want to enhance their way of life during this period.

We are talking about many different things. But one that surely stands out from all others is the fact that many of them said that they wanted to move from big cities into some smaller ones.

When we are talking about the United States, whose biggest cities are New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, many people have decided to move out of them. The reasons for this decision are quite clear. People are interested in distancing themselves from large crowds of people that are found only in cities as big as these. If you take a look at some statistics, you will see that New York is the city that recorded the highest number of people who have moved out.

We can see that those people have moved into a wide array of towns around the United States and the world. According to this website, they are mainly staying within the country. Let’s take a look at some of the commonest locations they have chosen for their new homes. Without further ado, let’s take a look at those.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The reason why most New Yorkers have moved to Philadelphia is quite obvious. We are talking about a much smaller city, located near the “Big Apple”. According to some official statistics, we can see that around 315,000 New Yorkers have moved to this city in the last couple of months. Furthermore, we can see that living expenses, like rent, are much lower than in the city. Plus, homeownership costs are much lower.

For instance, if you would like to rent out a home in Philadelphia, you will need to pay around $1,500. If you compare this figure to the rent in NY, you will see that it represents 50% of it. Also, the city is known as a family-friendly city, which can offer many benefits to families who have a high number of members. Above all, the setting is pretty similar to the one we can see in NY. Therefore, it is quite easy to affiliate yourself with it.

Palm Beach, Florida

img source: townandcountrymag.com

Florida has always sparked interest in seniors who are interested in retiring somewhere where they can find a lot of sunlight throughout the year. Not only that, this state is famous because it doesn’t have taxes as high as many other ones. Among all the cities in this state who have this kind of reputation, we can say that Palm Beach County takes the prime spot easily.

Naturally, it is known as a tourist location where people from all over the US are coming to spend their holidays.
We can see that these migrations were pretty popular even before the COVID-19 struck the country, but they were accelerated because of this fact. While it may look like this location is too far from NY, it needs to be said that it is just a couple of hours of flight away. So, it’s no wonder so many people have decided to move here. Nevertheless, we can say that this trend will only become much more followed in the future, no matter how COVID-19 will progress in the future.

Washington D.C.

img source: telegraph.co.uk

Even though the capital of the United States is a relatively small city when compared to the biggest two on the east and west coast, we can say that it surely became a popular destination in recent decades. Many people have decided to move into it in the last couple of years. It represents a good option for those who are looking for higher salaries and career opportunities.

Plus, D.C. has a great position within the state. You are practically just hours away from any kind of entertainment you want. For instance, it is close to the shores of the east coast, and you have a plethora of mountains in the surrounding area where you can spend holidays with your family. For all these reasons, it surely became a location of interest for many people who want to get out from the biggest cities within the country.

Boston, Massachusetts

img source: berkshirechoral.org

The next entry on this list of ours in Boston, Massachusetts. Among the most obvious reasons why should anyone from NY move here is that it is relatively close. But the vibes you can experience in these two cities are completely different. For example, Boston looks like a big museum where you can visit countless historical locations of the highest importance for the history of the country.

At the same time, New York is a much more urban place and the world’s financial center. There is no way you can experience the same traffic in Boston as the one you will see in NY. It is a much smaller city, but it can offer you pretty much similar entertainment, with the addition of historical sites, of course. That’s why you can see that there are many reasons why should move to this exceptional city if you are looking for a new place to call home.

Newark, New Jersey

img source: community-wealth.org

Last but not least, we would like to talk about the city of Newark, New Jersey. We are talking about a charismatic town that got a lot of its popularity because of the popular TV show “The Sopranos”. However, we can see that it has a completely different type of popularity now. We are talking about a city that has less than a 300,000 population.

In this day and age when people are trying to make the number of people around them much lower than usual, it has become a perfect place for many people to move here. Surely, other cities within the state of New Jersey like Paterson and Jersey City have also become quite popular for citizens of NY to move. A small state of New Jersey is about to get a lot of new citizens in the future, that’s for certain.

The Bottom Line

With all the trends saying that people are moving out of NY, it is a good question where are these people moving. Here, you can find the top five locations.