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What To Look Before Purchasing A Lock For Your Home?

by William Gist

Locks of the door are the most underrated factor of home security. Though locks are in daily use of people, they still overlook the important factors while buying locks. Though locks are not updated and functional as camera systems or alarm systems, it doesn’t mean that they are not essential to pay attention.

They may not work as alarm systems or camera, but they are still so important. Moreover, being the underrated factor of home security, they still play a major role in home security and requires sheer attention. Below are the important considerations to make before buying a new lock :

Installation Process of the Lock

Before purchasing the lock, you need to have a keen look at the installation process of the lock. The installation process will enable you to get on the right choice of lock. Learning the process of installation will help you get knowledge of the basic tools, and the procedure involved in-home installation. After that, you will be able to decide whether it’s a DIY project or you need to hire professionals such as cobralocksmiths.com

Determine the type of lock


Nowadays, the lock does not come in one standard size or format. There is no one standard lock that will work for every function and every door. Therefore, there are wide ranges of lock available in the commercial market. Moreover, there some specialize locks that are made for some specific purposes.

To get the right type of your door lock, you need to know which sort of lock you can install in your door. As said earlier, there are many types of residential locks the homeowners can choose from, and these types include smart locks, deadlocks, doorknobs, and sets of door levers. All types of locks are functional for both interior and exterior purposes, although there some specialized locks that are used for some specific purposes and locations. For instance, to maximize the security, the deadbolts will be best suited for outer doors of the home.

The security grade of locks

Since the majority of homeowners aren’t aware that the locks contain security grading, they don’t take the benefit from the grading of locks. You can have the lock tested where they get the rating or grading of their lock. The grading tells you an estimate about how strong, durable, and safe your lock can be. The locks are usually graded and testing according to the terms of American national standard institute.

Hence, being a homeowner, you should know the grading of your lock to check the durability of the lock.

Where will the Locks be installed


The one of a major aspect to consider while buying lock is to consider where will you install the lock. This is very important to consider; however, the majority of people overlook this factor while buying the lock for their home. A lock will only maximize the purpose of installing it if it is placed in the right location and being used in the required location.

So, while buying a lock, consider the location where you will install. If you are looking for an outdoor lock, make sure to buy the lock that has high-end features and will provide the maximum security since it is placed outside. Whereas while looking for an indoor look, you can buy a lock with minimal features as well.

The features


It is another an important factor to know what the lock is capable of before purchasing the lock. Though you may overlook it, is impotent to know. As mentioned earlier, there is no one shape and size of a lock. So, this means not every lock is for every door or home. This is the main purpose why homeowners take some serious consideration before purchasing a lock.

Take an in-depth look into the lock features to know what a certain lock is capable of. Pay attention to various features like anti-drill, anti-bump, tamper prevention, and anti-pick features. These are the features you probably don’t know that play an essential role in making your home much more secure. Hence, it is imperative to take a close look into features before buying a lock.