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3 Exciting Theme Inspirations For Your New Fitted Bedroom

by Sinke Car

When you’re investing in a new bedroom, you want it to be perfect for you. Well, we’re here to help you out! Read on for three theme inspirations to give your room the perfect touch.



Choosing a season to use as the theme for your room is a great idea and gives you plenty of options. If winter is your thing, go for light blues, purples and whites – a soft white blanket will look like snow, and a fireplace (real or fake) would look perfect for that cosy winter feel. Summer is sorted with warm reds and oranges and yellows, with fairy lights to simulate fireflies. For autumn, you can go for oranges, yellows and browns, with a nice ruffled carpet for a floor of leaves alongside some candles, and as for spring, some light but bright colors like yellows and greens go perfect with some fresh flowers in a glass vase. 

Use Pinterest to get some ideas of the kind of things you see in your chosen season, and let your creativity flow. Keep to a chosen color scheme: no more than 3 or 4 colors are best for your room to avoid it seeming cluttered and messy. Make sure to decorate each room with a painting from your chosen scene – this little touch can really cement your room design together.

Whilst you’re planning your new fitted bedroom from TheHomeDesignGroup, it can be difficult to decide what theme you want to go with, as well as the kind of color scheme and décor to go for. Speak to the experts for more advice.



Style is certainly something you want to consider in your room’s theme – basing your room around a specific time period or style is a great way to give your room a feel that’s just right for you. Perhaps minimalist or modern is your thing, or maybe old log cabin, or Victorian – there are plenty of themes out there, so you can tailor it to whichever suits you best! Remember to keep your colors simple and connected to your theme (for example, if you were going for a modern style room, black, white and grey are your best options), and make each furniture purchase with that theme in mind. In that manner, you should choose properly bedding such as allowed on this site.


What better to style your room around than yourself? Everyone has a favorite color, and if you really can’t pick, go for the color that suits your personality best – are you a calm, neutral blue, or a fiery red? Stick with variations of this color (or 2, if you have a favorite 2), and think about the kind of things that sum you up.


Are you arty? Maybe opt for a more colorful wallpaper or bedsheets and put some art (even your own!) on the walls. Workaholic? Add a desk with plenty of drawers, stationery, paper – you name it! And a comfy desk chair, of course. Bookworm? Fill a corner of your room with bookshelves and tuck an armchair in the middle alongside a little coffee table for a well-deserved hot chocolate. Whatever suits you, work around that!

Hopefully, this has given you a bit of inspiration for your new fitted bedroom – happy decorating!