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What Is Cloud Computing And Why Is It Good For Your Business?  

by Jajce d Muckic

Cloud computing is a term used for computing that is done on the Internet. It’s being adopted by numerous business and once we describe its benefits, you’ll see why that is the case. The “cloud” refers to the Internet while all the operations that are done “in the cloud” are done through an Internet connection. Internet has changed a lot of aspects of our lives, including how we lead businesses. So, what are the types of cloud computing and what are its benefits for companies?


4 models of cloud computing

These four models differ in one thing and that is who has access to the cloud. For security reasons, you can decide who you will grant access to the cloud and who gets to see all of the files and information that is being shared.

  1. Private cloud. In this case, the services and infrastructure are managed by either you or a third party. Private cloud is a more secure type and is used in case you have sensitive data that you wish to protect. This website especially emphasizes the dangers of data leaks and explains how cloud computing can protect you.
  2. Public cloud. In the case of the public cloud, services are stored off-site but accessed over the Internet. As the storage is managed by an external organization such as Microsoft, your data is less secure than in the case of a private cloud.
  3. Community cloud. Community cloud is shared by a few organizations, meaning all of them have access to the cloud.
  4. Hybrid cloud. As the name suggests, a hybrid cloud is a cloud that has features of both, a private and public cloud. It allows you store some data on the public cloud, while keeping the sensitive files and information on a more secure, private cloud.


The benefits of cloud computing

  1. Improves communication and collaboration among employees and businesses. Everyone becomes more efficient when they can access the files they need no matter where they are. By keeping all of the necessary documents and information on the could where everyone can open them, you’re offering your employees flexibility. All who have access to the cloud can upload new documents and update others.
  1. It gives your business room to grow. As your business is expanding, your need for storage increases as well. Small businesses can benefit from cloud computing the most, but their intention isn’t to stay small. You can run out of storage fast and then you have a problem.
    Cloud computing provides you with scalability and doesn’t impede your growth.
  1. It reduces your costs. You can minimize the need for specific hardware, software, and employees who would work on maintaining them, by using cloud computing. Cloud-hosted servers offer mass-scale computing power and allow you to focus your resources elsewhere. By using a company like Parquantix you can eliminate any excess cloud services your business won’t need and save lots of money over time. For any cloud service provider, there are different options for your business. If you are not well versed in cloud products it is important to work with a company that can save your business, in most cases, thousands of dollars over time by overpaying for cloud services your business is not using.
  1. Cloud computing reduces the risk of losing or leaking sensitive information. Your data is backed up and the chances of you running into any cybersecurity issues are minimal.


Cloud computing allows you to grow, provides you with the flexibility and scalability you need, and is, in short, your business’ best friend.