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Software Project Management – All you need to know

by Jajce d Muckic

An already existing IT company that is engaged in the process of software development, can usually be categorized or split into two different parts. Those two parts are Software Creation and Software Management, which is what we’re going to be talking about today.

Although not many people think so, Software Management is a process that is as important as the Software Creation one, if not even more. Before we begin going in-depth, we want to clear up some things first.

A project is a task that is previously planned and well defined and is a collection of several operations that are done in a certain order, with the goal to achieve something that’s going to be of use for the company or the customers. Each project can be characterized as:

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  • Each project may have a unique and distinct goal
  • Project is not a routine activity or something that’s a day-to-day operation
  • Each project has its own start and end time, also known as the deadline
  • A project will end after its goal has been achieved, or in some cases, if it gets canceled due to various reasons
  • A project will need all of the adequate and required resources, time, manpower and funding in order to be successful

When it comes to software projects, they are basically the complete procedure of developing software. And this goes all the way from gathering information to starting the development process and then testing the software in order to know if it’s working the way it should.

Software development is just starting to rise in popularity in the business world, but we guarantee that over the next few years it’s going to see so much significance. Feel free to visit here if you want to learn more about this topic.

According to Monday.com, A software project manager is always a person who agrees to take all responsibility regarding managing everything about the process of software development. During the entire time, the project is being carefully carried out, his presence and planning are both required on the field. Although a project manager may never directly get involved in the process of producing the software, he will control and manage many of the activities which are involved in the production.

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The main tasks of a software project manager are to closely monitor the development process and prepare to execute various strategies, plans and arranges. Due to the nature of this task, a project manager must always be the kind of person who knows how to effectively communicate with the rest of the team, in which some cases may be more than a hundred people.  On top of this, a software project manager must have a really good sense for deadlines, spending resources reasonably and ensure customer satisfaction. In order to do this, the project manager must be someone who will be respected by the entire team and will also serve as a leader amongst them, with the ability to manage all the human resources in a respective manner.

After you finished your software project you can run a sprint retrospective with this template to inspect your scrum process and continuously improve your productivity.