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What Happens In Vegas, Donald Trump Will Forget It!

by Sinisav

ECONOTIMES – 02/24/2020: There are a lot of stories going around that Donald Trump could be suffering from dementia or some other cognitive impairment. As of now, there remain only stories, but every day more people are starting to believe them. There’s no clinical diagnose, and POTUS would never admit it, but something is going on.

The stories came into focus after Donald Trump’s Las Vegas rally. While giving his speech President was passionate as always, but at one moment, he briefly stopped. It seemed as POTUS forgot where he is. Yes, Mr. Trump has many obligations, so a mistake like this can happen, but in his case, these mistakes are getting more frequent.

Donald Trump

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Netizens were quick to point out that behavior as this is one of the early signs of dementia. The manner in which he finally said Las Vegas after a significant pause, showed us that Trump really needed a moment to remember where he is.

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Twitter user @JogillesJo was one of the first to point this out: “Dementia. Seen it first-hand many times. He’s got it.” @kbarrere1 continued with: “He forgets names and places because he is slipping mentally, and he does not really care about – we the people.”

Another sign that there could be something more than just fatigue is that he couldn’t read all the words from the teleprompter. This happened numerous times throughout the night. The words on the screen at times didn’t make sense to Donald Trump. In addition to not being able to read some of the terms, with other President Trump struggled to pronounce them the right way.

Considering how many rallies Donald Trump has scheduled situations as this will become even more frequent. And if they don, maybe someone will finally try to see what’s wrong with the 45th US President Donald Trump.

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