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Donald Trump Wants To Shut Down John Bolton’s Book!

by Sinisav

ECONOTIMES – 02/24/2020: Rarely a book gets this much publicity before it’s been published. But, when the subject is no other than the 45th US President Donald Trump, it gets like that. John Bolton’s manuscript for a book about POTUS gained attention during Trump’s impeachment trial.

The trial is over, but Trump doesn’t want to hear about the book being published. POTUS wants the book’s publication date postponed until he leaves the White House. The book, which will be called The Room Where it Happened, contains details from conversations between its writer Bolton and President Trump. Some of these conversations include incriminating things about Donald, and thus he doesn’t want it out at the moment.

Donald Trump

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POTUS is content with any date after he leaves the Oval Office. The reason is simple; the information is such that Trump would love for it never to see the light of a day. In recent weeks and months, Mr. Trump called John Bolton, a traitor on numerous occasions.

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The info in the book that could hurt Trump the most is the part which points to the exact moment in which President Trump put on hold the aid for Ukraine until the moment they accepted to launch the investigation on Joe Biden and his son. Furthermore, the book holds various other intelligence data, and because of that, it’s under a review from the National Security Council.

Unlike Donald Trump, John Bolton wants his book published as soon as possible. The announced date is March 17th, and Bolton is pushing for this date. At the moment, the entire situation regarding the impeachment trial, Ukraine, and Biden’s is fresh. This is the primary reason why Bolton wants the book out ASAP.

On the other hand, a book with too much information regarding Trump’s dealing in the White House could interfere with Trump’s chances of getting reelected.

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