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What Can Travel Blogs Teach You

by William Gist

These last couple of years, we have seen a huge trend in travel bloggers and it seems that a lot of people are interested in them. Here is the reason why.  Most people, including me and probably you, have the desire to travel around the world. In fact, who would not love the idea of experiencing so many different countries, different people, nationalities, and cultures?

The planet Earth is so big and almost every bit of land is populated by some type of people. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to experience this because it can be expensive and time-consuming. Some people have families, others are tied to their jobs, and giving up on everything to travel is not a good idea.

However, if you’re one of those rare people that finally has the time and money to start travel around the world then you are in for a treat. There are so many places out there that you can experience for the first time and the amount of exploration is simply amazing.


However, assuming that you have never traveled this way before, you probably have no previous experience and knowledge about what you should or should not do. Fortunately, there are hundreds, if not thousands of travel bloggers on the Internet that could help you with basically anything related to this subject. So many blogs are dedicated to certain countries, I’m sure that you will able to find all the information you need.

Here are some ways travel blogs can help you and teach you.

Learn about new places

One of the most obvious benefits of reading this type of blogs is the fact that you will learn of all kinds of locations that you have never even heard of. At first, reading the names of these ridiculous places seems like something out of a sci-fi movie. But, they’re not. They exist and they are probably as exciting as the blogger has shared.

You can find bloggers that have been all around the world, you can find some that have been in Europe, some in Asia, others in Africa and some that even have been to Antarctica. Whatever your taste in traveling is, you probably be able to find it online. You can basically learn about every single country on this planet just by reading this type of article on the Internet.



Learning about so many different locations around the planet Earth will surely have a positive impact on your mindset. By reading about so many beautiful places, you will start to get motivated on achieving that same experience by yourself. These people that explain their own life stories will teach you how to get inspired to travel more.

You might think that inspiration is not something that you can teach, but I think I disagree. The beautiful pictures and their way of storytelling will definitely motivate you to do a lot more with your life. Let’s take as an example Bashar Ibrahim’s travel blog. His way of storytelling and his journey is so interesting, it is hard not to read more through the entire articles. And just imagine how many more people on the Internet are just as skilled or even better at telling their life stories.

Honest opinions


One of the biggest reasons why people are so afraid to travel around the globe is because they do not know what to expect. Sure, you can open up the country and look for reviews that might give you an idea of what you should expect, but who knows who writes these reviews, right? Who ensures that these reviews are totally unbiased and honest? The answer is, no one.

However, when it comes to blogs, I think that most of them are entirely honest. Even if you are skeptical of some blogger, you can just find another one and see what they have to say about the place you plan on visiting. By going through several different stories, you can come to a real conclusion about the location.

Learn about different cultures

Learn about different cultures


There are many people in this world that have never even left their own country. Their understanding of different cultures around the world is close to zero. They have never experienced what it means to be a different race, different nationality, or to be a part of a completely different culture. Don’t worry, this is not something to be ashamed of. Not everyone gets to have the freedom of experiencing this.

So, if you haven’t experienced a different culture in your life, these blogs will be able to give you a good idea of what that exactly means. These bloggers have been through several different countries and have probably experienced all kinds of things. By reading through their articles, you will be able to learn how to act accordingly in certain countries, how to be respectful, how to understand certain gestures, and so on.

Current information


When searching through the Internet about certain countries or locations, you’ll probably be able to find tons of information. Unfortunately, most of those posts that will appear on Google will be updated at least a couple of months, and some even a couple of years. Once you realize this, the information on those posts is completely relevant. Since then, things may have changed by a lot.

This is why I personally prefer relying on travel blogs because most of the time their information is quite new and up-to-date. Even if my favorite blogger hasn’t updated their information about a certain place, I can just look at another one who has been to that place recently. This way I know for sure that the information I’m getting is as recent as possible. By doing this, you always know what to expect when traveling to a new location.

After reading through this article, I am sure that you start to understand just how influential travel blogs can be and how much you can learn from them. These people have invested a lot of effort in sharing their experiences to their best ability and that is commendable.