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11 Recommended Teas for Diabetic Tea-Lovers

by Elsa Stringer

Tea is an accepted beverage worldwide and for a good reason. Besides its delicious taste, it’s among the healthiest natural beverages that play a role in treating such ailments as gastric, blood pressure, stress and aids in regulating blood sugar levels to avoid the highs and lows associated with diabetes.

This, however, comes in diverse varieties, with some of them highly recommended for people with diabetes. They can be found at an online shop such as Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company. Read on to find out which these are.

1. Green Tea


This is made of steamed leaves. It contains highly potent properties that provide people with a myriad of health benefits ranging from stress relief to cholesterol control. This aids people with diabetes in the following ways:

It contains such compounds as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which helps in stimulating glucose intake in the skeletal muscle cells, which reduced blood sugar levels.

It also contains antioxidants like catechins that decrease the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates in the body by reducing the effects of insulin resistance.

It contains polyphenol that contains anti-inflammatory properties that facilitates the reduction of inflammation and cellular damage. This compound also facilitates blood sugar control in the body.

It also contains amino-acid L-theanine, which helps reduce stress and anxiety, which is a significant issue affecting people with diabetes.

Besides, this is famous for its weight loss capabilities, which makes it ideal for people with type-2 diabetes.

To leap the maximum benefits, you have to find clean loose leaf and steam it with hot water. You may find these at any competent online shops.

2. Black Tea


This type is derived from the fermentation of the oxidation of leaves. It contains a high dose of caffeine. It is also the key ingredient in chai and helps aid in the secretion of insulin by keeping the pancreas healthy. It also contains flavonoid compounds that help in preventing type-2 diabetes. It is also known to decrease blood sugar levels significantly.

3. Lemon Balm Tea


While this is regarded as herbal, it is also available in online shops. It contains a lemony scent and is usually enjoyed as a soothing herbal drink. It contains essential oils that inhibit glucose synthesis in the body, which leads to lower blood sugar levels. Lemon balm also contains calming effects that can soothe people, especially those with diabetes, when they’re feeling uneasy. It can also reduce insomnia by easing the mind.

4. Hibiscus Tea


This tea is made from the petals of the hibiscus plant and is also available in bags. It’s endowed with polyphenol antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure. Hibiscus also reduces insulin resistance, which aids in controlling blood sugar levels. This also improves body metabolism, which facilitates weight loss.

5. Oolong Tea


This is derived from ‘true’ tea the same as green and black and is also available in bags. It is also made through oxidation, but it’s usually not as dark as black and but it’s not green. It contains polyphenols that contain anti-oxidative properties that prevent type-2 diabetes. Oolong also contains weight-loss properties that reduce cholesterol, which is beneficial for people with type-2 diabetes. This tea also contains theanine, which induces a calming effect to help ease stress levels that may increase blood pressure in people with diabetes.

6. Cinnamon Tea


Cinnamon contains numerous anti-diabetic properties, which is why a significant number of people take cinnamon supplements to reduce blood sugar levels. To help ease diabetes, drinking this helps lower blood sugar levels, improves cellular glucose uptake, and promotes insulin sensitivity.

Besides, cinnamon reduces the addition of sugar into the bloodstream, which prevents blood sugar spikes. It also contains lots of polyphenol antioxidants that improve weight management and ease digestion issues. Cinnamon is mostly available as a spice, but you can get it in any competent tea bag online shop.

7. Turmeric Tea


Turmeric is mostly known as a spice, but it’s also used in making herbal drinks. It contains powerful antioxidants that help in keeping your cells healthy. It also contains curcumin—an active compound that helps in reducing blood sugar levels. This compound also contains anti-inflammatory properties that help ease vascular complications by reducing hyperglycemia. This is available in many online coffee shops.

8. Bilberry Tea


Also known as huckleberry, this herbal drink is ideal for easing diabetes, especially in those who are noted insulin-dependent. This contains glucoquinine, which reduces glucose levels in the body, thus its ability to lower blood sugar levels naturally. It also strengthens blood vessels in the retina and reduces hemorrhaging. This, in turn, prevents retinopathy and maculopathy associated with diabetes.

9. Sage Tea


Sage is a common herb that contains many medicinal purposes like boosting insulin activity in the body, which helps in lowering blood sugar levels. It also improves your liver’s health, which leads to a robust immune system, reduces fatigue, and ease headaches associated with diabetes.

Drinking this also increases antioxidants in the body, which improves the immune system to prevent you from acquiring more ailments. It also lowers cholesterol levels in the body, which may prevent diabetes or reduce its effects. You can find sage by searching for shops online.

10. Chamomile Tea


It has numerous healthy properties like anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, no wonder chamomile tea is recommended for people with diabetes. Its anti-inflammatory properties prevent cell damage, especially in the pancreas, which in turn helps keep your blood sugar levels in check.

This also helps prevent blood sugar spikes that occur post eating. It also reduces body cholesterol, which prevents weight gain and increases the chances of losing weight. This herbal drink also prevents your body from oxidative stress, which leads to diabetic-related issues.

11. Ginger Tea


This tea contains potent properties that carry a significant number of health benefits for people with diabetes and those without. It helps people with diabetes by controlling glycemic by improving the uptake of glucose into the muscle cells without the need for insulin. In turn, this creates a long-term blood sugar control for people with type-2 diabetes.

Ginger also improves insulin secretion, which helps control blood glucose in the body naturally. It also delays the onset effects and progression of cataract—one of the eyesight complications of living with diabetes for a long time.


Tea is a healthy beverage that has been known to fight numerous ailments like diabetes as it contains innumerable polyphenols and anti-oxidative properties that help in keeping the body and prevent illnesses like type-2 diabetes. You can search for tea bags online to find these and other high-quality teas by visiting tea-and-coffee.com.