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6 Benefits of Using Travel Blogs to Help Plan Your Trips in 2024

by William Gist

There are hundreds if not thousands of high-quality travel blogs to help plan your upcoming trips. But are these actually helpful or are they only in it for ad revenue? We can safely say that every blog publishes to attract more readers. Travel blogs are not only entertaining, but they’re also very helpful and useful when it comes to finding small pieces of information about a particular place.

Travel blogs are amazing resources, probably the best, when it comes to travel information. Nothing beats what a person that’s been to a particular country or city has to say, and that’s exactly what makes them so great.

But in this article, we are going to list the 6 benefits of using travel blogs to help plan your next trips. Don’t go anywhere as this article will give you the whole picture when it comes to using travel blogs.

1.  They’re Super Specific


Probably the best thing about travel blogs is that they’re amazingly specific when it comes to explaining. Some of the best travel blogs make it their bread and butter to paint an entire picture; and they’re very specific about it.

A travel guidebook details everything you need to know before your next travel to a particular country, and the best travel blogs certainly publish such information.

But why is that? Why do these blogs focus so much on specific information? Well, that’s solely down to the fact that they know exactly what you’ll be looking for in a travel article about a particular place. It’s a well-known strategy within this industry to try and be as “niche” or specific as possible.

2.  Unbiased Opinions


If you ever wanted to hear an unbiased review about your next travel destination, then these blogs are excellent resources. While you do get the occasional paid post, you won’t even recognize that’s the case due to their ability to stay unbiased despite being paid to talk about it.

These blogs value their reputation far more than being paid by local hotels or accommodations. They know readers come to their blogs for unbiased reviews, and that’s exactly what they’re offering.

Most of these do run their blogs as a hobby rather than a business. Even though this isn’t the case with every travel blog out there, they will never risk the credibility of their business for a free trip.

3.  Up To Date Information


One of the biggest challenges in the industry is to keep your readers up to date. This is especially a problem with travel bloggers who cannot visit the same place over and over again just to update or keep a post up to date.

This is because from the moment the post is published, the information is already out of date. Anything from prices to opening times can change come next summer. Even amenities and locations could cease to exist the next year you choose to visit.

This is why a guidebook is the best thing to look for before traveling. But even so, very few people update year on year to keep the information up to date.

So what’s the solution to this problem? Well, according to Bashar Ibrahim and bestinau.com.au, the best way to lookup relevant information online is to search for travel blogs.

Even if your favorite blogger hasn’t updated their post regarding Malta, there is certainly an unbiased review posted from someone else.

The market is highly competitive but full of quality bloggers.

4.  You Can Ask Them A Question


It isn’t an uncommon thing for travel bloggers to accept questions from their readers. This is, in fact, very helpful for the reader themselves.

This benefit is something that everyone can enjoy. Even if you don’t have something particularly nice to ask them, you can still send a question. Whether they’ll answer it is another story.

But, it’s safe to say that these bloggers cannot wait to dive into and answer all of your questions. Simply said, they love engaging with their readers.

5.  Real Photographs


Have you ever seen an accommodation on Booking and absolutely fell in love with the pictures only to find out that they’re far from the truth?

Yes, everyone has been a victim of false advertising in the travel industry. This isn’t anything uncommon and happens quite a lot. Although you’ll rarely see this occurring on platforms such as Booking and Airbnb, it can sometimes happen.

But if you’ve been a victim once then chances are you’ve had a very bad time. Naturally, this makes you doubt the legitimacy of the pictures posted with accommodation for each upcoming trip.

However, a great way to solve this issue is to see the photographs travel bloggers post. In most cases, the owner of the blog will have a Pinterest or Instagram account where they’ll post amazing photos from their travels.

These can be excellent resources that vouch for the legitimacy of a particular travel destination. They’ll also tend to expose the negative sides of every destination they visit, so that also comes as a huge plus.

6.  They’re Free


Being a free resource is quite possibly the best thing when it comes to travel blogs.

Yup, that’s rights. These blogs give you free information and resources for you to use come your next trip. They’re amazing for planning and telling everything to know about a certain travel destination.

Sure, you might pay a couple of dollars for a travel book from Lonely Planet, but you’ll find that same information and more by reading reviews from travel bloggers for free.

And you might think to yourself that a few bucks won’t hurt anyone, but the costs will gradually stack as you travel more and more. Why waste $10 on a travel book when you’ll find that same information and more by reading a free blog post?


Travel bloggers are ordinary people that love traveling and providing you with an unbiased review of a particular travel destination. They publish their reviews on their blogs, which are excellent resources for when your next trip comes up.