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What are these Famous Trendsetters Doing in Quarantine?

by Nebojša Vujinović

Celebrities are the same as us ordinary people and they have to follow the same new laws and trends as the rest. As the dreaded coronavirus has managed to shut down the world and people are being advised to stay indoors and not leave their home, unless the need is very urgent.

The only solution for spreading the virus further is to limit the contact between people, which is why social distancing is something all of us have to be a part of. The same goes for celebrities and many of them took to social media to show their fans how they are spending their time in quarantine.

Some of the most followed and recognizable ladies in the entertainment industry and social media platforms shared their everyday routines in these dire times.

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Kendall Jenner

Supermodel and reality TV star Kendall Jenner, 24, posted a “just woke up” snap to her Instagram page where she has more than 125.1 million followers. She is wearing a short and wide crop top shirt and a pair of high waist thongs, while standing next to her bed, from which she has clearly just stepped out of. The caption reads, “back to work.” Her post nearly has 7 million likes, and around 22.3 thousand comments.

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back to work

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Nicole Richie

Reality TV star and fashion designer Nicole Richie, 38, posted a photo of six books that she has read, or been reading, in these isolation times. She seems to have used her time at home the best way possible, to broaden her mind and expand on her favorite topics and interests. She wrote:

“These are my lockdown plans. Please send me 9 thousand more recommendations. (My recommendations to you are The Great Alone, & The Hearts Invisible Furies). Also shows and movies. Just entertain me dammit!”


Emily Ratajkowski

Actress, model, and executive Emily Ratajkowski has used her isolation to spent time with her dear husband Sebastian Bear-McClardom, and their adorable German Shepherd Colombo. The dog is an equal part of their family, whom they even took to the “Love is Blind” premiere. The photo she uploaded of the trio was snapped by Sebastian. The pair can be seen looking at the mirror in matching white outfits while the cute dog is smiling for the camera! It has more than 623,000 likes, and the caption reads the following:

“Finished Love Is Blind (um, wow), ate two frozen pizzas w/ ranch, made calls from bed & took family selfies. Day one of working from home. Also Colombo turns 1 next week how do we celebrate plz comment below.”


Bella Hadid

Supermodel Bella Hadid, 23, will hardly let a little virus outbreak ruin her daily face care routine. Joking aside, the beauty has to look after her body since she is a model, and she always has to be in tip top shape considering the amount of photo shoots and catwalks she does every year. Therefore, she can be seen here posing for a mirror selfie, in the middle of her routine. She has just washed her hair and tied it in a towel to dry, and her face is covered with a skin care mask.

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Gigi Hadid

Bella’s older sister and fellow supermodel Gigi Hadid, 24, has treated her 52.1 million Instagram fans to a photo of a family meal at the Hadid household. Five plates with different color napkins can be seen on the table, and three large dishes filled with colorful healthy food. If she is the one who cooked all that, kudos to her!

“home, dinner is served, friends!” reads the caption below the photo, which has 881,000 likes and nearly 2,500 comments.

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home ???‍? dinner is served, friends !

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