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What Are Some Cool Things To Add To A Desk Setup

by Edvard Berlusconi

Workstations are where the grit and the grind take place daily. It is only appropriate then that you take into consideration exactly how you want your desk to look like. The importance of a desk setup done correctly cannot be overly emphasized. It can affect so many parts of your work such as productivity and even your ease of operation in your workstation.

So what are some of the cool things that you should consider for your desk setup? Here are some ideas which might interest you;

Get a Smart Desk


The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a smart desk. The abilities of the smart desk are a lot and fortunately, they come in several shapes and sizes. Most producers, like SmartDesks.com, would also have an option of making a customized smart desk for their clients just the way they want it. Once you have a smart desk, then other opportunities would be open to your desk space.

Keyboard Stand


If you prefer using your laptop over a computer, then you are not alone. Because they are quite portable, it is easy to carry around and this boosts creativity. Getting a keyboard stand then would be an added advantage. One advantage which it holds is that you are now able to get the job done on your laptop without having to bend over or subject yourself to other forms of bad composure. It is surely a great item to have alongside your desk setup

Your desk clock

If you are always busy throughout the day, you are going to need to keep yourself acquainted with the time and your smartphone might prevent many distractions. The answer then would be adding a desk clock to your desk setup.

The good thing is that modern advancements have improved the functions of desk clocks. Now a desk clock can also have integrated into it a Bluetooth capability alongside the ability to charge your phone and even much more. Getting a clock would not only help with time but would solve other minor issues which you might have. The best answer when it comes to decluttering your desk space.



There are so many benefits which you can get from having an office lamp. The first thing is additional light. While some may feel that they have good lights in their workstation, the presence of an office lamp would reduce the workload which your eyes have to pass through every day. Apart from the reduction, it can also make quite a stylish addition.

Lamps are generally not expensive and you would have an array of options which should be affordable. Getting a lamp would improve the design of your office and desk setting and would significantly add value to your work.

USB charger in-built


As I said, the key or aim here is to make sure that your productivity levels go up while your space remains decluttered. A USB charger inbuilt through the help of a smart desk could turn out to be beneficial. You would be able to escape the stress that comes with various wires all getting tangled up. A single USB port would be able to charge any device for long hours. However, the limit would be around 3 amps.

Laptop safes


If you wish to keep your laptop at your desk all the time but don’t want to leave it all open, then you can add a laptop safe to your desk space. This would ensure that your laptop is secured and you get to use it anytime that you would like. However, the laptop safes would come with a smart desk. Getting a smart desk is therefore paramount to enjoying this wonderful and unique feature for a long time to come.


The desk space is a place that gives the first impression of the type of work you do and how organized and effective you are. Getting the right products in while staying decluttered would leave your desk space looking stylish and beautiful. It would also attract the right kind of clients or visitors. That is everyone’s dream.