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Health Insurance: Advantages, Coverage, Conditions

by Edvard Berlusconi

This question is crucial, and it is normal for people who do not have health insurance to ask it. What is the reason why I should purchase this type of insurance? There are several reasons but first of all and the fundamental thing is to know that health insurance is a contract between the insured and the insurance company, where the insurer pays a premium in exchange for the insurer to meet those possible medical expenses that They may arise when the insured goes to the doctor. The fact that the insurance company covers certain costs will depend on the coverage offered by the contracted health insurance. 

As long as the illness, medical treatment, or disability is covered by the insurance policy; the insurance company will pay the expenses related to medical assistance. In order to get the full information, you can visit websites such as www.insuranceandestates.com. These insurances are usually contracted every year and for life. 

Advantages of having health insurance


The fact that we highlight the characteristics of health insurance is because of the benefits they can bring and that people do not know. The positive aspects to highlight are the following:

  1. It is not necessary to sign up for a waiting list to be treated at the medical center, so the consultation is more immediate
  2. The attention is faster in the emergency rooms of the hospitals since there is not so much concurrence of people. 
  3. Free choice of the doctor you want to see you, as long as it is within the medical staff of the insurance company.
  4. More privacy in hospital rooms with beds for the companions of the patient.

Coverage within the health insurance


Depending on the coverage included in the health insurance policy, one type of insurance will cover more or less care and depending on that the insured will pay more or less money: the more coverage, the more money will be paid.

Insurance companies such as mymedicare.org has its own health insurance packages, and in them, the coverages offered can vary significantly. As a general rule, the vast majority of health insurance cover the following cases: 

  • Pregnancy and childbirth 
  • Pediatrics for policyholders who are aged 14 years or less
  • Immediate hospitalization without waiting lists and without crowds of people
  • Health care in case of traffic accidents
  • Home and outpatient emergencies

It is worth mentioning that all these types of coverage must be within the insurer’s medical staff. The medical table specifies the hospitals and doctors to which the insured can go. In the event that the insured does not go to the centers or professionals that are in the medical staff, the insurers have no obligation to cover the medical cats incurred by the insured persons. 

Conditions for contracting medical insurance


There are a number of requirements that insurance companies will establish when a person wants to acquire health insurance with them. These conditions are:

  • The age of the person who wants insurance: insurance companies set a maximum age limit for the insured. In case he exceeds age, they will not want to insure or increase the premium because they assume a greater risk. 
  • The premium: this varies depending on the age and province in which the insured lives. The insured person may choose the payment method (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually).
  • Discounts for payment: depending on the way in which the insured makes their payments, the insurer may offer a greater or lesser discount on the premium. It often happens that if you pay annually, there is a greater discount than if you pay monthly, where the discount is lower. 
  • The copayment: we call copayment the additional amount that must be paid for using certain health services. This mechanism is established according to the number of services that the insured person has required during a period of time.


To conclude, we must inform you that the best health insurance will be the one that has the coverage that the insured really needs. This fact is not easy to know since no one can predict the diseases they will suffer in the future or in the near present. It is very important to analyze well the insurance that we are going to hire, and for this, you can use a health insurance comparator.