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What Are Polarized Sunglasses?

by Elsa Stringer

Polarized sunglasses are specialized glasses which will reduce the glare from surfaces like snow, glass, and water. The glare distorts the true colour of the objects, and it becomes hard to distinguish by a sportsperson. In order to help the sports person see clearly and also to avoid potential hazards, an excellent polarized sunglass is required.

How Does Polarized Lenses Work?


Depending on the type of material and colours, there are various types of polarized lenses available in the market. Usually, darker specs provide better polarization.

In some cases, sunlight can be reflected or absorbed. When sunlight strikes any surface like water, hood, or land, the light is reflected back in the same direction, causing visual discomfort and sometimes potentially blinding glare.

A very dangerous situation can be created while driving because of this glare. So, to avoid such kind of glares, polarized lenses come with a chemical applied filter that only allows vertically oriented light. Due to the same reason, the glare is almost nullified.

Among the polarized sunglasses, brown and grey are the most common colours. Apart from these two colours, green, yellow, melanin colours are also available in the market.

Nowadays, a lot of polarized spectacles are available in the market, which offer a lot of features that can enhance the outdoor experience.

Here are some of the advantages of having polarized specs:

As mentioned earlier, good quality specs always comes with polarized lenses. These are some of the advantages that a polarized lens offers over the non-polarized lens:

  • Improved visual comfort
  • Visual clarity and contrast is improved
  • The strain on eyes is reduced as the person can clearly see the objects without any refraction
  • True perception of colours is allowed with the help of polarized lenses.
  • Eliminates glare and also reduces refraction

However, some people are uncomfortable wearing polarized sunglasses due to neurological or psychological reasons, as it makes them feel disoriented or dizzy. Also, in such people, it is possible that the vertical light rays are received differently than most of us. In such cases, doctors recommend using a tinted lens over the polarized lens. However, one must consult a good ophthalmologist before choosing a random lens for their eyes.

Also, certain occupations need workers to read digital numbers properly. In such situations, wearing a polarized lens can interfere with visibility.

However, one must consult a good ophthalmologist before choosing a random lens for their eyes. Additionally, there are great fitover options from Cocoons for people who need to wear their glasses on.



How to tell if the lens you have is polarized?

If you are unsure whether your lens is polarized or not, then try to do the following test:

  • Visit any nearby drug store and grab a pair of polarized sunglass from the shelf.
  • Now, place your lens at a 90-degrees angle with the polarized specs from the drugstore.
  • If both the specs combined turns dark or nearby dark, it means that your specs is polarized.

What Sunglasses Fit My Face?

One of the most commonly asked questions by the first-timers, when they choose specs is that, “what sunglasses fit my face?” Sunglasses have become more than a summer accessory now. Sunglasses are capable of protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, and add harmony to your overall image.

This article focuses on the selection of the right kind of goggles that can match your type and also how to identify high-quality lens from a poor quality one.


How to Determine the Shape Of Your Face?

Take a washable marker or a pencil. Now, stand at an arm-length distance in front of a mirror. Now, trace the outline of your face on the mirror, starting from your chin and ending at your hairline. Now, observe the shape of your face in the mirror.

If you know about the shape of the face or have no knowledge then you can go to Glasses Shop to know in detail about the same.

So, once you identify the shape of your face, look at the following suggestion of goggles, based on your type:

Round Face

The length and width of the face are almost identical. People with round face have small rounded chin without sharp angles. The hairline is also smooth and rounded.
Goggles with dark frames usually suit these kind of people. It is suggested to choose a frame with a greater width than height.

Suitable type of Sunglasses for Round Face:

  • Wayfarers
  • Aviators
  • Sunglass with narrow bridges
  • Butterfly Sunglasses
  • Cat’s eye sunglasses
  • Square, rectangular, and pointed sunglasses.


Oval Face

The length of the face is slightly greater than the width. They have a rounded chin. The width of the forehead is greater than the jaw width, and also cheekbones are the widest section in the oval type.

Frames with equal width as the face are usually recommended for oval type. The upper part of the frame must be in line with the eyebrows.

Suitable type of Sunglasses for Oval Face:

  • Cat’s eye specs
  • Aviator Sunglasses
  • Butterfly specs
  • Specs with oval, round, smooth-line frames

Square Face

The length and width of the face are almost identical for square types. The cheekbones, jaw, and forehead are equal in terms of width. The hairline of oval type is almost straight.

Rounded frames are usually recommended for the square types. Sharp rectangular or square frames can overload the lines of the face.

Suitable type of Sunglasses for Square Face:

  • Large specs
  • Specs with coloured frames
  • Specs with good frame width
  • Frameless specs
  • Aviators
  • Cat’s eyes specs

How To Remove The Lens


Remove the lens quickly: Properly removing contact lens is also necessary, so that your eyes get a chance to breathe. Some contact lens needs to be removed every day at night. So, here is a step by step process on how to remove the contact lens quickly and effortlessly:

Firstly, make your hands clean by washing it with a soap or hand wash liquid (to avoid germs).
Now, use your middle finger to pull down the lower eyelid.

We hope this article has provided enough insights on the polarized sunglasses and also how to check if your lenses are polarized or not?