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5 Quirky And Captivating Celebrity Styles

by Justas Markus

Can celebrities really surprise us anymore with their outfits? Believe it or not, some of them still can. Some styles are lingering for decades among celebs, while others are a complete out-there look. Coming up with new, weird items or sticking to the old classics, here are some of the celebrity favorites.

Midriff bracelets

Source: Pinterest

How do celebrities show off the fruits of spending hours every day in the gym? With iron-clad abs. And what better way to put them in the spotlight than with some midriff flossing, or bracelets. By definition, that would be the bands that connect the bottom and the upper half of the dress revealing the abs and putting the focus on the torso. The absolute queen of wearing midriffs is Emily Ratajkowski. Her petite physique is perfect for wrapping the dress around her body. Curvier celebs often go for belly bracelets to accentuate their hips and waist.

Source: PageSix

These fashion tricks appeared back in the 1980s and again at the beginning of the 2000s. Twenty years later belly ribbons are back again for a few seasons for sure. Suck in those bellies people!

The holy trinity of shoes

Uggs, fluffy slippers, and Crocs. There is hardly any celebrity that doesn’t have a closet full of those three styles. Uggs became the signature shoes when it comes to comfort for running errands around Los Angeles regardless of the season. They are definitely not a men’s favorite, but ladies keep wearing them regardless of the cringy looks.

Source: Daily Mail

Fluffy slippers and sandals might look useless for any season. However, in need to sway the attention their way, celebs started wearing them on the street like any other shoes. Some like to have their feet warm and cozy on long-distance flights too. Hope they don’t sweat a lot, for fluff’s sake.

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And finally, the Crocs. Made out of a rubbery, silicone material, wide and open, they are probably the comfiest shoes. Not the greatest looking ones, but hey, something’s gotta give. Just when we thought that Crocs are long forgotten style, Justin Bieber reassured us. In 2024 the singer launched his line of slippers in collaboration with the brand selling everything in 1 hour. So, there you have it. Thanks, Justin.

Source: Instagram


While some of us are still suffering from the trauma caused by headpieces celebs wore in Met Gala in 2018, Billy Porter came along to remind us of the experience. The wacky, glittery blue hat with a mechanism that parts tassels at the push of the button is still embedded in the public’s mind.

Source: Vulture

The whole outfit was a head-turner, but the hat is what takes the cake. In honor of the headpiece, the Instagram filter was created in case you wanted to check out the look. Some celebs embarked on the circus wagon, like model Kaia Gerber. Weird hats are back in the fashion business.


Source: US Weekly

Wearing a normal face mask in the middle of the pandemic is so not fashionable. The weirder the better, putting its main purpose on the backburner. If it catches the eyes of the spectators – bingo! And who can carry this out better than Lady Gaga? Famous for her mad, and sometimes metaphorical, outfits, the singer’s team wasted no time in coming up with the wackiest masks. Other celebs went for a rather classier look, like matching it with their wardrobe or using it to make a statement, like expressing their political views. Weird how they didn’t come up with strange masks before the pandemic hit, especially when hiding from the relentless paparazzi.

Rubber boots

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About a decade ago, plain rubber boots became a fashion item. Previously used for fishing trips or bad weather, fashion designers revived them with vivid colors giving them a place in every woman’s closet. Wellington boots survived ever-changing fashion styles and are still stomping ahead. High-end designers were reluctant at first to incorporate them into their shows but celebrities gave them the high-five so couturiers budged.