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4 Must See Websites designed by Visual Artist Rey Rey Rodriguez – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Rey Rey Rodriguez is the founder of The Mind of Rey Rey®, a multimedia, branding & marketing company based out of South Florida. For several years now, his visual art skills have been on display within the websites he designs. One client described the website designed for her as, “a professional, easy to use, piece of art that helps us make money.” We’ve listed four Must See websites designed by Rey Rey Rodriguez.

1. 4BiddenKnowledge – 4biddenknowledge.com

4BiddenKnowledge Inc. was founded by entrepreneur and social media influencer Billy Carson, the best selling author of the books, The Compendium Of The Emerald Tablets and Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke. He is also an expert host on the Gaia series Deep Space, the CEO of First Class Space Agency, the founder of the UniteThe99 app, and is a powerful force on social media where he is followed by millions. 4BiddenKnowledge offers a little bit of everything, such as videos, lessons, books, accessories, and even giveaways. The company’s site is also where you’d find Mr. Carson’s upcoming events, appearances, projects, other updates, and contact information.

The Website: The combination of the elegant black background, the white, grey and hints red in the fonts, along with colorful graphics, and the portraits showing Mr. Carson’s good looks and smooth taste in men’s wear, makes the site a visual work of art. Every page has it’s own creative title, and a quote or saying pertaining to the topic of the page. The colors are easy on the eyes for viewing and reading. The site is filled with links to Mr. Carson’s apps, books, music, workshops, winnable prizes, videos, media articles, and is equipped with a powerful blog that is constantly updated with new information and has a massive loyal following. The site loads fast, runs smooth, and is easy to navigate through both on the desktop and mobile version.

2. Photocreative Workshops – photocreativeworkshops.com

David Hoptman’s artwork is well known worldwide. He’s created masterpieces of all kinds (commercial & fine art photography, sculptures, and mixed media prints).

Which is why his resume’s clients list ranges from Architectural Digest to mainstream publications like Travel and Leisure, Elle, Art in America, Cowboys and Indians Magazine, Sotheby’s, Southwest Airlines, and more. Photocreative Workshops is a company he founded where beginners and pros can book photographic workshops, online courses, and iPhone classes with Mr. Hoptman.

The Website: The main page introduces us to a beautiful landscape shot of the sun rising behind some of New Mexico’s mountains. The colors from the photo combined with the page’s header gives off a warm feeling. More impressive artwork is found on the thumbnail page options, which animate and reveal the page’s name. Each section of the site displays amazing graphics in the background, making the photos pop. The site loads fast, the animations make it fun to use, the imagery makes you want to see more, and the booking features and the course / class options are easy to choose and schedule. This site is frequently mentioned as an inspiration by artists looking to have a new website built for themselves.

3. Adam & Joe Know Lunch – adamandjoes.com

Since 1992, the founders of Adam & Joe Know Lunch have been bringing us a large selection of some of the best gourmet meals. Husband & wife team Joel and Heather started the business as a small sandwich and catering company, which eventually grew into one of the longest running independent restaurants in the Uptown Fort Lauderdale, Florida business district. In 2017, the couple retired and their kids (brother & sister team Adam & Jessica) took over the operation, and continue to bring us foods, customer service, and a family vibe that has spoiled the community for almost 30 years.

The Website: If you’re not already hungry, you will be after visiting this website. The home page is filled with a collection of professional food photography, displaying an assortment of meals from their immense menu selection. Trays filled with wraps, sandwiches, cookies and other sweets, pans full of steak and chicken, meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy in a to-go container, a table of side dishes, and images of everything else you’d want to eat surrounds the company logo, and an image of father and son, Adam and Joe. The Who We Are section has a unique, high-end magazine appearance, as it shares the company’s timeline, and introduces us to the family and staff. Meals can easily be ordered directly from the site, and there’s also a savable PDF version of the menu. The site is classy, artsy, loads fast, and makes you want to order a little bit of everything.

4. New Moon Reptiles – newmoonreptiles.com

New Moon Reptiles is an online-based company with a large selection of reptiles, amphibians, geckos, tarantulas, scorpions, feeders and more. Although the company has only been around for a few years, they have quickly become a dominant force in this exotic field. The founders, Yesenia and Jose Ayala managed to turn their childhood passion of caring for and collecting exotic pets into a successful business. Their combined decades of knowledge and love for what they do, has gained them respect and admiration within the online reptile communities.

The Website: The website has a very National Geographic feel to it. The contrast between the black background and the professional macro photography, along with the creative category sections, easily make this site one of, if not the best website of it’s kind. The Logo and the subtitles’ font and colors give the header a relaxed but fun appearance. With so many options and species to choose from, along with all of the vibrant images on the products pages, this site can be addicting. The analytics show that customers aren’t just buying what they need and leaving, they’re staying and looking through all the items. The site loads fast, is easy to navigate through, and makes placing an order to anywhere in the United States simple.

Looking to have your own Must See website? If so, visit The Mind of Rey Rey’s official website today: Themindofreyrey.com