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Was Trump Disrespecting National Anthem During the Superbowl?

by Sinisav

GLOBAL NEWS – 02/04/2020: Donald Trump should be more careful when speaking. For a man that led a campaign against the NFL players who protested during the national anthem, he should respect it more.

During the Superbowl 54, between Chiefs and 49ers, President showed disrespect towards the US anthem. While Demi Lovato sang The Star-Spangled Banner President was mimicking a conductor. Because of this, Internet users called Mr. Trump, a hypocrite.

Donald Trump

Source: mercurynews.com

The video that depicts his behavior was filmed at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida before Superbowl. Most of the guests were standing with their hands on the chest. Not Donald Trump. The President was in the center of the room, looking left and right before starting his imaginary concert.

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It will be interesting to see how much will this backfire on the President. Very vocal in pointing out his patriotism, Trump will have a lot of explaining to do. Even his wife, who is now a US citizen, but was not born in the USA, knew how to respect the anthem.

Donald Trump further disrespected the anthem when he sat down before Lovato was over with her singing. The video was filmed by one of the guests at the Superbowl party at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. The guest is allegedly a Russian businessman whose identity was not disclosed.

Trump again acted contrary to his words. In 2017 he was very vocal in labeling the NFL players who disrespected the anthem by kneeling as traitors. If you can recall, those players protested racial inequality and police brutality, both of which are issues in the US.

President even suggested that NFL owners should not only fine but fire any player who dares to protest during the national anthem. One of Trump’s most quoted statements was that all Americans should stand proudly during the anthem and to give support to the US military that way. How will he explain his behavior?

Source: globalnews.ca