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Donald Trump Is More Popular Than Ever Despite The Impeachment

by Sinisav

NEW YORK POST – 02/04/2020: Maybe trying to impeach Donald Trump wasn’t such a good idea by Democrats. Because of everything that surrounds the President these days, his approval ratings never were higher. They hit the highest mark ever since he was elected to the office in 2017. The impeachment trial is still underway, but a poll conducted on Tuesday shows that it’s not affecting POTUS and his popularity. Instead, it does, but it’s making him more popular with the voters.

Forty-nine percent of voters approve Trump and the job he’s doing. 50% don’t, while 1 percent remains undecided. According to Gallup’s poll, 94% of Republicans are satisfied with Donald Trump and his term in office. The independents gave him 42% approval, which is an improvement compared to the previous 37%.

Donald Trump

Source: nypost.com

Interestingly the poll was conducted while the impeachment process was underway. Experts expected for President’s popularity to drop while he was facing grave accusations. POTUS is on trial for alleged abuse of power and interference with the Senate’s work. Despite this, it seems he still has America’s trust. This comes as good news considering that general elections are in a few months.

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The poll also touched the matter of should Donald Trump be removed from office or be allowed to continue his work. 52% of Americans believe that the President should be allowed to continue his excellent work and be acquitted. Only forty-six percent trust that he should be removed from the White House.

While tensions were surrounding Trump and his administration, it seems he’s now in the clear. Most experts believe that the Senate will acquit him. According to pre-election polls, he is in pole position to win the upcoming elections.

One of his most significant advantages at the moment is that the Democrats are not sure who their candidate is going to be. In recent weeks Michael Bloomberg arose as the prominent candidate.

Source: nypost.com