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Was Melania Even Present on Donald Trump’s 75th Birthday?

by Nebojša Vujinović

In a manner which we’re not used to seeing from Donald Trump, the 45th US President celebrated his birthday in a rather inconspicuous way. The celebration was in a form of a dinner at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey.

The case is that we probably wouldn’t have known about the event if it wasn’t for Donald Trump Junior. Don Jr shared videos and photos of the party on his Instagram account. What we learned from his posts is that the guest list was rather peculiar. Among those standing out, we would love to mention Donald Jr.’s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, the NFL legend and former superstar running back Herschel Walker, Jim banks, the congressman of Indiana, and Lauren Boebert who is the congresswoman from Colorado.

Source: mercurynews.com

What we find most interesting is that his wife, Melania Trump was nowhere to be seen. As we learned from one of Melania’s statements, Donald is not a fan of his birthdays. But, this was his 75th one which should be a little special at least. One of the reasons why the former First Lady wasn’t present could be her desire to “keeps her schedule and leads her own life,” as she loves to put it.

The instances when the pair should be together and it isn’t are quite frequent and it had happened before. For one, she was late to move in the White House due to Baron’s schooling, or when she doesn’t follow Donald to New Jersey from Florida in the summer. After all, she loves that Palm beach life.

While Melania wasn’t present, Donald Trump Jr enjoyed the event. He shared the video with the following caption: “It’s always nice when family and great friends, as well as a few members of Congress, sing you happy birthday. As much as 45 doesn’t love birthdays it was great to be there.” He also tagged all the people present at the dinner.

As it’s always the case the media would like to dig deep into Melania’s absence, but, as we already know, the pair shares different hobbies and activities, so it might not come as a surprise she wasn’t there. What transpired during Donald’s birthday party shouldn’t be seen as an issue in their marriage, as according to a source close to Trump, Melania “has a good life and knows it.” If you look closer, many of the other Trump family members weren’t present. While Eric and Lara congratulated Donald on social media platforms, his favored daughter Ivanka didn’t do even that.

At the moment, Melania is living her life between New York and Florida, as she’s getting accustomed to life outside the White House and its perks and obligations. Sources close to the family claim that the two will get together to celebrate this or any other event when their schedules allow it, and that there’s nNew Yorkothing to look into.